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Boeing and FFA Reveled a new fresh problem with the 787 Dreamliner

Unimaginable, one more issue has been found in the wide-body, the 787 Dreamliner. The new problem is also related to the shimming problem this latest defect reportedly relates to the vertical stabilizer or tail fin.

Boeing is considering another cut to 787 Dreamliner production

The problem was found from several sources, regarding body joins and the horizontal stabilizer. This most recent issue is likely to affect almost 700 of the global Dreamliner fleet.

The issues continues desiring Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners. Even though the technology and the design of the aircraft was on the peak of clean sheet, Now it seems to the designers has some genuine questions about the quality of production.

-Airways Magazine
Issue affects the Boeing 787 vertical stabilizer

According to the reports, the issue could affect at least 680 of the 981 Dreamliners that are currently in service. Specifically, it involves excessive gaps, which could be a significant problem on the structure of the aircraft over time, like safety concern.

The spokesperson further said that the issue “did not immediately affect the safety of flight and no immediate action is required,” having conducted a thorough analysis. They suggested they are working with the FAA, and that guidance is being prepared for the in-service fleet.

While Boeing is to downplay the seriousness of the flaw, the raising of additional concerns with these aircraft is bad press for the planemaker.

-ABC News
Boeing Dreamliner production problems threaten the aircraft

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