Runway design: between present and future.

The essential part of an airport is the runway which connects between both passengers and the airplane. And in the past several years the evolution in runway design has been for the sake of demand. Where many people travel around the world according to the statistics of the last year 

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The design of the runway mostly depends on the location starting from:

  1. Wind 
  2. Temperature and air density 
  3. Length 

These aspects help out if the airport will be a hub for air travel which can assess long haul flights such as the Boeing 747 or Airbus A380. 

In the present If we see the airports are mostly located far from the city center of any city which helps the pilots in maneuvering either in landing or take off. Also, it reduces the noise from the jet powered engines. But for example, the Heathrow Airport has been near a residence area in which the residence has reported high noise from the airplanes. Thus, the airport started to set times for the northern and the southern of it parallel runway design and will plane for extension by constructing a new runway. 

The types of runways can be the following:


These types can be costly and need more land space to build a runway if we need to fly or land 2-3 airplanes at the same time to cut down time for the flight delays. Thus, a Dutch researcher has proposed a new futuristic circular design of the runway.


The advantages will be:

  1. Any airplane will land or take off at the same time 
  2. The airplane can take off or land from any point on the runway 
  3. Less Nosie from the jet engines while landing or take off due to less air brake power needed or thrust needed.
  4. It can handle large commercial airplanes 
  5. High capacity than a conventional runway.

The most important aspect is the air traffic controllers in which they need careful control of the runway because it will be challenging for them in controlling terminals with simultaneous landing or take off.

In the end, the air traffic increases the past years and it is expected to grow in the upcoming years, therefore the demand on the airports will be high thus a new runway design which will be effective is essential. 

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