Emirates to launch flights to Israel in 2021

The normalisation of UAE/Israel relations took the world by surprise and with companies looking to capitalise on this new opportunities the Dubai carrier, Emirates is the next company looking to connect the two countries.


The world class airline, Emirates has announced plans to launch flights connecting Dubai (DXB) and Tel Aviv (TLV). The flights should commence in January 2021, according to local news agencies, the airline recently received approval from the Israeli Government to commence flights to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport. With nothing confirmed by the airline and the coronavirus pandemic still continuing to impact air travel the January 2021 date could be pushed back.


With the Emirates fleet lacking variety there are only 2 types of aircraft that the airline could choose to operate the new route. Personally ,taking into account that demand for travel is still low due to the pandemic and with some in the UAE maybe not having a compelling reason for them to visit Israel, I think that Emirates will choose the Boeing 777-300ER to fly the new route with it being easier to fill to capacity and make a profit for the airline, however on the other hand in true Emirates style the airline could choose to operate the A380 on the new route to show their dominance in the aviation industry but also encourage more residents from each countries to travel to each country and beyond with Emirates.

What do you think of this news?would you visit Israel or The UAE?What Aircraft do you think Emirates will operate on this exiting new route?Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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