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How to be a bad pilot?

It’s not easy being a pilot, one mistake and it’s game over. Studies have shown that certain attitudes can interfere with a pilot’s better judgment and they are called “hazardous” attitudes for a reason. What makes them a real issue is that sometimes these attitudes are part of someone’s personality and that is not something a person can easily shake off. That is why pilots are incredible people because not only do they study and train hard for their career, they also need to have great self-control and the ability to change major aspects of their personalities to become better pilots. So what are the 5 hazardous attitudes that if not addressed will make a bad pilot?


This attitude is displayed by people who don’t like anyone telling them what to do or disregard the rules as unnecessary, as if these rules do not apply to them. So, are you a person who doesn’t follow the rules or doesn’t like anyone telling them what to do? Cause I am a little bit like that, so what is the antidote you say, it’s simple, just follow the rules. They are usually right.


Think people, think. A lot of people are impulsive; they act without thinking which is unacceptable for a pilot. There is a thinking process that pilots are trained to have in order to calculate every move they make and there are checklists for almost everything. How to stop this hazardous attitude? don’t be hasty. Think first.

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You are not superman. Scratch that. Something terrible can also happen to superman, like exposing him to his main weakness, kryptonite, and defeating him. Hence, if that can happen to superman, something could happen to you. Invulnerability is the attitude where you think that nothing bad could happen to you which leads to taking chances and increasing risks because somehow you believe you are invincible. What’s the antidote? Just think ‘it could happen to me’.


It is unfortunately, an attitude that I also possess. Looking back, this article isn’t really making me look good, but I’m still in training and working hard every day to become a better version of myself. Being macho is thinking you can do it and taking risks to prove that you are better than anyone else. For me it was more like ‘I can do it’ but what I’ve learned is ‘taking chances is foolish’.

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Finally, resignation is the feeling of uselessness, knowing and believing that when something bad happens, it’s too late, there’s nothing to do. People with this attitude might think if things are going well, it’s because of “good luck”, and when things go poorly, I guess it’s not their day or it’s someone else’s fault. This feeling could cause the person to put the pressure on someone else and whatever happens, happens. The worst question a pilot can ask themselves is ‘what’s the use?’ that’s what differentiates a bad and good pilot. Good pilots know they are not helpless and that they can make a difference.

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Do you have a hazardous attitude or attitudes?

Pilots put everything they have on their education and training and it doesn’t stop there. By the time their training ends, they need to have covered all these hazardous attitudes and overcame them, which is not easy because these attitudes are a part of them, a part of their personalities but they do work on them and once they do, that’s when they stop thinking like a student pilot and start thinking like a captain.


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