Airport interior layout: Boarding Procedures.

As airports all around the globe become nearly as dense as a seaport, the layout of them has been evolved and changed to create the momentum for the passengers to travel easily and have a better experience. The layout of the airport starting from the main entrance and ending with entering the airplane. The designs have been filled with alot of modern technology to achieve the most comfort throughout the airport. 

NAIA Airport Guide

Let’s take a look at the procedures for a passenger to travel with on an airplane.

  1. Either starting by going to check-in counter or ticket counter.
  2. Present your boarding ticket and passport and leave your luggage at the counter 
  3. Once you received the boarding pass you will be directed to the security check for carry-on luggage.
  4. Along with the security check, a custom inspection is applied on foreign-manufactured items or a large amount of currency.
  5. Entering the immigration counter which may take some time.
  6. Then waiting at the boarding Gate with inspection on your body.
  7. Entering the airplane and travelling to your destination.

When we take a look at the past years of airport designs, most of the security checks mostly were manually completed by the security guards but now, almost all of it is done automatically unless a serious situation occurs where the passenger or the luggage is custom inspected. And this automation makes the process of passengers faster.

 The airport goal is to make it easy for the passenger to reach the airplane without waiting in long queues or getting confused where to for the different procedures. Improved passenger flow means that the airport can handle increased traffic without sacrificing the passenger’s experience. This makes the airport have a positive reputation which makes passengers and airlines choose to have a good experience and to increase revenue respectively.

To make the passenger think about purchasing something from the outlets and stores in the airport the gate and the terminal is designed to grab the passengers attention while they are moving toward the gate and throughout the airport.

Moreover, the terminal design of an airport is much more important, and it is the design which determines how the layout of the airport is done and the passengers experience.

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