Boeing Airpower Teaming System

The Boeing Airpower Teaming System (ATS), also known as the Boeing Loyal Wingman project, is an unnamed stealth aerial vehicle in development by Boeing Australia to perform autonomous missions using artificial intelligence.

Photo by: BOEING
Queensland investment will evolve Boeing’s Australian defense manufacturing capability for global customers

Boeing Australia said

“We successfully achieved our first autonomous teamed flights using high-performance jets as test beds and Australian-developed mission systems technology,”

The new addition aircraft is an unnamed defense aircraft and it has multiple advanced technology, Lets take a look at some of it.

It flies at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour, the team tested the jets and it has been proven that it contains the abilities to safely, communicate and coordinate with each other and other aircraft, according to Boeing. Next, they will try and attempt more complex maneuvers, increasing teaming formation numbers and more complex missions.

ATS is a highly customizable aircraft similar to a fighter jets flight function, according to Boeing, which envisions ATS as enabling unmanned teaming in which the unmanned system could complement and support a specific threat-based mission and also for safety wise.

Photo by: Boeing
Air power Teaming System (ATS)

ATS is part of Boeing Australia’s effort to advance significant systems technology to prepare for the first flight of the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) Loyal Wingman prototype next year. The Australian government announced the Loyal Wingman effort in February.

In addition to its speed, Boeing said that ATS will be 38 feet long and will be able to fly more than 2000 Nautical Miles in one fuel load, it will combine very high technology in the sensors that will result in a variety of intelligence.

This project will reopen a global defense aerospace circumstances for Queensland to improve future work with Boeing program.

They have completed the testing and the next step is to get it to Air force service.

Photo by: Boeing
Boeing revealed Loyal wingman program

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