New plans form Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG)

Firefly, Malaysian ATR turboprop operator, airlines will be operating 10 narrow body jets in three phases. Because the Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) is struggling in supplementing the international flights as the Malaysian Airlines satisfy domestic demand from the north of the country. Firefly will start the jet operation using Malaysian airlines Boeing 737-800s from Penang international airport.


On the current situation the short haul domestic flights is the most preferred flights to supply. Therefore, Firefly will supply the demand from the Northern region and will diversify to other bases in Malaysia, east Malaysia Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. As the Malaysian airlines will focus on the international premium markets.

Credits: Craig Bright

“This is in line with the group’s enhanced long-term business plan (LTBP 2.0), which has been realigned to suit the current and future environment post-Covid-19, with a focus on strengthening the revenue streams of each subsidiary,” said Malaysia Aviation Group CEO Izham Ismail.

Malaysia Aviation Group CEO Izham Ismail. Source:

This plan will require less investment from Malaysian airlines for domestic flights in 2021 with an expected increase in capacity, which was measured as an average seat per kilometer, of 36% over the next five years, MAG said.

Firefly CEO Philip See. credits: Mohd Najib Mohaini

“The world has evolved so much since Covid-19, and as airlines, we must embrace those changes and adapt to the market needs and wants,” said Firefly CEO Philip See. “Firefly is ready to carry that challenge, as we see strong potential in this dual hub strategy while maintaining our turbo-propeller service out of Subang Skypark, serving the mix of corporate and leisure travelers.”

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