Turkish Airlines: New delivery schedule

Turkish Airlines agrees on the reschedule of Airbus’ number of deliveries. The airline says that it adapted to the new plans according to the financial situation just to ensure “solid basis” for the future of the airline.

The airline reviewed the fleet plan in the pandemic as the aircraft industry is negatively affected by the cause of the Covid-19. As reported, in the past 9 months, the passenger numbers have fallen by nearly 62% between international and domestic flights. Turkish airline has a $342 million operating loss, and a TL4.2 billion net loss, for the first six months of this year.

 The airline has taken the delivery of 12 aircrafts this includes two Boeing 777F, five 787-9, and five Airbus A321neos. There is no detailed update on the fleet strategy included in the financial statement of the first half -year. However, the aircraft delivery plan is on 2020-2021 and the corresponding pre-delivery payments, were being “re-evaluated”.

Credits: Christian Jilg

Upon the crisis, Turkish Airlines had the plan for 169 aircraft deliveries by 2020-2025 updated from the first-quarter in which the contract was to have 171 aircraft to be delivered during 2020-2023.

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