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Boeing Will cut the half 737 MAX Deliveries Targeted For 2021

Boeing has decreased its ambitious plans among the 737 Max deliveries, the plan was that they were able to deliver 450 aircraft. The airline now only expects to deliver about half of that, or around 225 aircraft by the end of 2021, with the remaining being delivered in 2022.

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Grounded Boeing 737 max

Boeing has about 450 737 MAX planes already built and in storage. Greg Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Boeing, said the following

“We currently have approximately 450 737 MAX aircraft built and stored in inventory. We expect to have to remarket some of these aircraft and potentially reconfigure them, which will extend the delivery timeframe. We now expect delivery of about half of the aircraft currently in storage by the end of next year, and the majority of the remaining in the following year. Delivery from storage will continue to be our priority after assisting our customers with their return to service. We expect the 737 MAX delivery timing, along with the production rate ramp up profile, to continue to be dynamic, as they will ultimately be dictated by the pace of the commercial market recovery, which has been slow and remains uncertain.”

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