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On Tuesday, Boeing reported more cancellations of its grounded 737 Max jets, just as regulators wrap up their review of the planes following two fatal crashes.

Boeing is now facing two critical problems, the first being that the 737 Max grounding and has passed 20 months. And the second being the COVID-19 pandemic, which as affected the whole aviation industry and the market for new aircraft.

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Is the 737 Max coming back again?

During October alone, customers canceled 12 orders for the 737 Max. Besides, some Boeing’s aircraft has were removed from the backlog and orders are now down from 4,325 to 4,275 only in last month.

Photo by: Boeing
With good news 737 Max will resume soon.

After several tests flights and a long process concerning the 737 MAX, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has finalized its evaluation of changes to be done to the aircraft after the two fateful accidents. Until now, the process is going well regarding getting back the 737 to passenger service.

FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said in a statement :-

The process has been expected to finish in mid-November and an order to end the grounding would be followed by pilot training, which is expected to take weeks.

Even though we are near the finish line, I will lift the grounding order only after our safety experts are satisfied that the aircraft meets certification standards

Once the Boeing releases the 737 MAX, it will be the start of a recovery journey for Boeing after the crisis, but it may take long to get the aircraft back into passenger service. However pilots will be required to take the new FAA Training for the 737 Max after updates are made to the aircraft.

RyanAir is the most welcoming for the 737 MAX, it is still waiting for the delivery of the 737. Additionally, they ordered a special 737 MAX-200. RyanAir boss O’Leary hopes that the 737 gets in service by 2021 and to fly a fleet of 30 737 MAX by next summer.

Photo by: RyanAir
RyanAir is hoping to fly back the 737 Max this summer

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