Airbus Future eVTOL

The new Airbus eVTOL is fully generated by electric and its called CITYAIRBUS, the reason for this naming is that the eVTOL can go around a city not being used for traveling long distances. However, it can hold Four persons with a pilot and its remotely piloted electric vertical take-off and landing.

The overall system was developed in Donauwörth, Germany with electric thrust/lift system is build in Ottobrunn, Germany and SP200D direct-drive electric motors by Siemens. The eVTOL occupied with eight fixed pitch propellers, two in each rotor, it produces 140KW (190HP) and its cruise speed is around 120 km/h with an total endurance 15 MIN.

Manned flights have been planned for 2019 and the first maiden flight was on 3 May 2019, until now the further information that the type certification and introduction are planned for 2023.

CityAirbus eVTOL specification

The purpose

Photo by: Airbus
Four seat eVTOL multi-copter

There are two reasons for building this type of the aircraft first one is use for ‘AirTaxi’ and second one is to reduce the environment impact by the use of electric rotor ( zero emission ) instead of the burned fuel.

21 September 2020 Airbus has reveals three concepts commercial planes and the goal of these three aircraft is to celebrate zero emission which could enter service in 2035. It will change the whole aviation industry in the future.

Airbus CEO Grazia Vittadini prominence that Airbus wants to change the aviation by decarbonizing and to use its the E-Fan X program to develop aircraft that is more friendly to the environment.

Photo by: AIRBUS
The three aircraft are designed to run on hydrogen.

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