Airbus Foundation for Humanitarian Aid

Airbus Foundation has a world connection of airlines and other organizations to help and support youth and humanitarian Aids. Through out this Program, the Foundation services to Its customers to use the delivery of their new aircraft and contribute to humanitarian aid.

Airbus foundation to support youth and humanitarian aid

Airbus Foundation work with Non-profit organizations and airline customers to transport goods to countries in case of the country had an emergency or had been hit by any disaster. Airbus Foundation is trying link many Nonprofit organizations with an Airbus customer and send the necessary goods or supplies to the country that is in need.

Airbus program helped and will continue to helping humanitarian aid in addition by reducing the country logistics costs and transport medical kits, school supplies, food, water, clothing and million of other goods to the most helpless countries.

Photo by: Airbus
Airbus foundation deliver humanitarian aid to beirut

After the recent blast in Beirut, Lebanon, Airbus foundation and the nonprofit organization helped government and they where the first responders to explosion. They sent a fully-loaded Airbus A350 XWB aircraft from Toulouse, France, to Beirut, Lebanon, loaded at maximum with humanitarian aid on board.

Ethiopian airline is most company that have contributed in humanitarian aid flights . In October of 2017, Ethiopian Airlines did around 40 Humanitarian Delivery Flight only with Boeing, most deliveries to Ethiopia are part of the program, however Ethiopian airline joined Airbus Foundation with the two new A350 XWB to support humanitarian aid as much as it can.

Photo by: Airbus
Ethiopian airline with the two new A350 XWB transporting humanitarian aid

Since 2008, the Airbus Foundation has completed transporting 900 tons of humanitarian aid goods to 6 regions on 71 humanitarian flights.

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