Have you ever heard of the Airbus A321LR?

The A321 is a member of the A320 family of narrow-bodied, commercial passenger jet airliner with two engines. This specific type of aircraft was launched in 1994 after the A320 and carries 185-265 passengers. It has a common rating with all other A320’s made…..let us know how this plane is winning.


The A321LR is an evolution of the A321neo which is engineered from the older A320. It is the longest jet in the A320 family. Early in 2018, the plane was undergoing flight tests and a certification program. The developers used human dummies to make the flight tests realistic as possible and so as to evaluate some cabin system proceedures. In April 2018, it performed a record-breaking flight from Mahé in the Seychelles islands to Toulouse, France – covering a total distance of 4,750 nautical miles in 11 hours. We refer to this plane project successful cause it has the longest range as compared to all the other single aisle airliners.


Except for the great range of this plane, it has a higher take off weight as compared to a normal A321. The A321LR has a maximum takeoff weight of 97 tonnes and the A321 has 93.5. It also has an auxiliary center fuel talk which makes it very unique as compared to most planes flying. The developers fully promoted the fact that this plane is a long haul plane and is suited for trans Atlantic routes. There will be new long haul markets for single aisled planes thanks to the new A321LR.

3D model of the A321LR :airbus

The very first customer of the A321LR was Arkia airlines from Israel who took delivery two years ago. From day one, the A321LR has been all about long hauls and as the abbreviation ‘LR’ which stands for long-range. Since the first delivery, the European plane manufacturer has proceeded with deliveries of the single aisle jets to its eager customers. In northern America it allows us to explore markets on the East Coast, such as New York, Boston, Montreal or Washington. In Brazil the A321LR can open new markets in the Northeast and complement existing services to cities like Recife, Natal, Fortaleza or Salvador,” -Antonoaldo Neves, CEO, TAP Air Portugal (2019) via Airbus


After comparison with the B737Max-10; capacity: the max carries 204 passengers while the 321 carries 206. Range: the max-10 will fly up to 6100km but the 321 can reach to 7400km. Weight: the max has 90 tonnes while the 321 has 97tonnes. Wingspan: the max is 36 metres just like the 321. List price: the price for one max is 135$ million while that of one 321 is 130$million . So both aircrafts have a wide range but the Airbus has some range in hand. If you want to go a lot further, you might want to consider the A321XLR. The Airbus has a cheaper list price

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