When fighter pilots need to use the bathroom

As we all usually know that fighter pilots work in a cramped cockpit and modern fighters do not have more person space. The developers of modern fighter jets such as the F-16 and the F-35 made the cockpit extremely small and the average height of design is around 5’10 to 6’2 and 210 pounds .

When the pilots get in the cockpit they usually have to scrunch down to the seat from the top of the aircraft so that they can see the HUD . The pilots can at least turn around in the jet but there is no so much room and looking forward the pilot has the MFD’s(multi functional display) in the F-16s while in the F-35 has a panaromic cockpit display which consists of two very large screens. Between the legs of the pilot lies the instrument


The pilot straps his back to the jet and feels fully merged with the jet hence no clasterphobia while in the air. The feeling of becoming one with creates situational awareness. Everything is placed nice and simple to reach out to. The shocking part is fighter jets pull up to forces of 9G (that’s over 2000pounds of force squeezing through a normal sized 210-240pound person so you have to reach out everything quickly enough with your fingers cause you usually don’t have that much strength to reach up and touch the screen especially during hard maneuvers . The jet is EXTREMElY capable but doesn’t have a toilet inside it


Something called a Piddle pack which i s a bag carried by fighter pilots. It is filled with absorbent beads which almost looks like laundry detergent. So the pilots have to unzip their flight suits from the bottom so that they can zip it from the top or just zip it from the bottom specifically for their need. They can pee into the pillow pack where the absorbent turns into a gel so that it doesn’t spill. The top is then sealed after use and put in a small compartment in the jet. It sounds something simple to do but its very tricky and has to be done in a non-tactical phase of the flight


The air force has a brevity radio call when fighter pilots go out to fly and typically go out as a four-ship or sometimes a two-ship . No.One and three are usually flight leads while two and four are the least experienced. A brevity call happens in case one of them needs to go to relieve themselves.

Piddle pack:usaf

There have been a couple of new initiatives and one of them is the amx . Its a special set of undergarments that essentially has a jock strap in it for inflating the pad and attached to a vacuum. The vacuum should be turned on and it takes care of the rest. Its more complicated and has a lot of parts,prepararion and cleaning. It’s mainly beneficial to female fighter pilots since the outdated method could be very challenging so its easier. In jets such as the f-35 and f-16 its more difficult to go to the bathroom so approximately a big number of fighter pilots are transitioning to the new system.

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