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For the past 24 months, the manufacturer Boeing has been consistently reducing its monthly production tally. While the reductions make sense, there is still a disappointment at the manufacturers announced later last week that in 2021 their current plan of production of six 787’s a month would be reduced once again. By 2021,the company will be producing a total of five 787’s per month from the current original six


The decision is directly related to the current travel demand and especially in the long term severe effect on the aviation industry which is struggling due to the global pandemic which has severely affected the long-haul sector. The aviation company is struggling to see any resurgence. For those curious to better understand how the pandemic has impacted the aircraft manufacturer. In 2019 prior to the current ongoing global crisis, Boeing was producing a total of fourteen 787’s per month and by mid 2021 the company will have successfully reduced their production rate down to five 787’s monthly. A significant change.


While airlines still have a considerable number of 787’s still on order, they are not looking foward to actually taking them anytime soon because customers are not flying as usual with airlines due to a lot of safety precautions and they currently don’t want to join up . Airlines have been forced to ground their planes because the demand is not sufficient to fly passengers at this point


Meanwhile in Norway,Norwegian launched last week their very own emergency plan in another bid to save themselves from collapsing completely. This move will see them further downsize in their fleet overall and in addition hopefully give them much needed crucial money from investors. Something they have been struggling to do, given their current position in the industry. Last month the company filed for bankruptcy protection with an island and now they are pretty much doing the stock standard process of getting an emergency rescue plan in place. Whether that works its of course another thing but all we can do is to hope for the employees and more that works in order to see Norwegian emerge a strong airline.


The Boeing 737 Max which has seen cdb aviation completing financing for a total of eight so far of a total of nine Boeing 737’s.

(“CDB Aviation”), a wholly owned Irish subsidiary of China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co., Limited (“CDB Leasing”), announced today the delivery of one new Boeing 737-800 aircraft to Chinese carrier, Shandong Airlines.

The 737-800 is from CDB Aviation’s order book and represents the CDB Aviation’s eleventh aircraft on lease to the Jinan, Shandong-based airline.

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