Will You Feel Safer Knowing That the Crew on Your Flight Are All Vaccinated?

Since the first vaccine against COVID19 appeared, all countries around the world were managing to compete to vaccinate their citizens. Airlines too, some airlines thought about vaccinating all of their work force and specially those who interacts with the passengers directly.

Etihad’s operational crew are now vaccinated against COVID-19. It is the first airline to accomplish this level of safety for both the passenger’s and workers. With vaccines now available, the aviation industry might be gradually improving from the blow it has received from the unfortunate pandemic.


Etihad Airways  acquired vaccines and says it became the first airline where 100% of the operational flight crew have been vaccinated. So, rest assured, whenever you’re on an Etihad flight, everyone from the flight crew is vaccinated. This will decrease the potential spread of the virus, although it will not completely eliminate it but will significantly make the flight safer for the passengers and crew.

Since the airline have been working with UAE’s health authorities, it managed to obtain front line staff access to vaccines. Leading the airline to turn its medical center to an accredited vaccination center. Non-flying pilots and flight attendants may not be yet vaccinated. But the airline has been vaccinating employees and their loved ones since December 2020.



Photo: Etihad Airways

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