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Ireland: The Underrated Emerald Isle Yet To Be Explored

Even though COVID-19 may have halted our travel plans to get away from home. Nonetheless, people are exploring new destinations to escape to once travel opportunities start to recommence.

This week we will be exploring Ireland! Ireland is a hidden gem (literally an Emerald!) when it comes to tourism. It’s luscious green landscape stays vibrant year round thanks to it’s temperate climate. Castles, mountains, quaint villages, and Dublin City-Centre are wonderful places for tourists to go see! Aer Lingus, the national airline, offers special pricing during various times of the year in which travellers can take advantage of and book their flights at a discounted rate.

Dublin Airport’s newly redesigned architecture boasts a very clean and modern infrastructure. Dublin Airport is also a major destination for several airlines and offers plenty of connecting flights to the rest of Europe.

DUB Newly Redesigned Terminal 2
credit: mercuryeng.com

Ireland has beautiful, rocky coastlines and cliff walks. The Cliffs of Moher, on the west coast in County Clare, are a particularly popular tourist destination and have probably been seen by almost everyone either in travel magazines or online.

The famous Cliffs of Moher are a fantastic place to watch sunsets and take spectacular photos! credit: cliffs-moher.com

In addition to breathtaking landscapes, Ireland is also a great place to take road trips & visit small towns and quaint villages. Medieval castles are also well-known here as well as a variety of luxury 5-star hotels, situated on acres of the countryside, that can be found throughout the country.

A variety of luxury hotels can be found throughout the country
credit: irelandbeforeyoudie.com

Other specialties that Ireland has to offer are top-notch restaurants and gastronomy, spirits & pubs, music & festivals, and farming/agriculture. In fact, according to a popular blog site, Ireland is home to some of the worlds best scenery, friendliest cities, heritage and UNESCO sites, walking trails, cycling routes, scenic driving routes, beaches, golf courses, fishing, famous literary giants, mythology, folklore, family holiday destinations, movie filming locations and more!

Yes, Ireland is certainly an underrated travel destination and yet, holds so much for those looking to venture there. We hope the above will go some way in convincing you to visit this charming destination some time in the future. If you do, you certainly won’t be disappointed!


Cover Photo Credit: https://www.rustourismnews.com/2019/11/16/aer-lingus-to-increase-frequency-and-capacity-to-north-america/



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Ireland: The Underrated Emerald Isle Yet To Be Explored

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