The other side of being a “Flight Attendant”

The Flight attendant is a vital role, so many people have dreams of being flight attendants to make good money and have the chance to visit many countries. A Flight attendant’s job, also called “air hostess” “steward” or “stewardess”, is full of responsibilities and duties not only during the flight, but also preflight and after landing. There are many skills and courses that have to be provided for air hostesses. Flight attendants should have the ability of keeping safe and comfort during the flight in emergency situations. Flight attendants have variable work schedules, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, because airlines operate every day and some offer overnight flights. Attendants work in an aircraft and may be away from home several nights per week.


Duties& responsibilities:

Preflight, they have to help the pilot by discussing the flight and cabin conditions, numbers of hours of the flight and revising emergency tools. During the flight, take care of the passengers, greeting them in aircraft, direct them to their seats, get their needs and questions. Providing medical care when needed for passengers. Provide direction to passengers, including how to evacuate the aircraft in an emergency. Providing meals, or snacks for passengers. Before plan’s landing, they have to make sure about seatbelts if fastened or not, seats are in the right direct or not, and make sure that everyone take their items. Before leaving the plan they have to present reports for essential accidents happened during the flight.


Work environment:

Flight attendants usually spend 75 to 100 hours a month and spend about 50 hours on the ground. They can spend several nights a week away from home. New flight attendants have to be flexible in schedules, flight attendants on reserve usually live near their home airport, because they may have to report to work on short notice .As they have seniority they can get more control of their schedules. For example, some of them can choose to live outside their home, others may choose to work on regional flights.


How to be a flight attendant:

To become flight attendant you have to apply for a job with an airline, you have to keep in the required education, experience and requirements. Airlines almost asked for at least high school-graduate candidates, others may accept only bachelor’s degree or someone who have tourism, hospitality, communications or public relations. Flight attendants must have some physical requirements, as height, and weight. Some airlines put more than one interview and group interview before act one-on-one interview. Candidates have to have good soft skills, excellent communication skills, and good handling of problems and crises. Every company provides their candidate with formal training , could be during 3 or 6 weeks. During this training candidates train to treat with different emergency situations and equipment. Then you can get certificate to start your career as a flight attendant.

Rules Every Flight Attendant Has To Follow:

1-Flight attendants shouldn’t be overweight, too short or too tall, for safety reasons.

2-they have to take care of their skin.

3-Flight attendants are not allowed to make their hair with unnatural colors such as pink, purple or green.

4-They are forbidden from drinking before their shift.

5-They have to be able to help passengers who need help with their heavy luggage.

6-It’s forbidden to smoke on the plane for many years. Many airlines prevent their flight attendants from smoking when they disembark. Other airlines prevent their staff from smoking in uniform, while Qatar Airlines forbid their cabin crew from smoking at all or from even having cigarettes in the house.

7-They haven’t to use all the first aid kit, In emergency situations they have to wait for a doctor before using the first aid kit.

8-Females have to follow airlines rules about hairstyle, that it should be tidy.

9-It’s not allowed to have visible tattoos, such as on their face, arms, legs, and neck.

10-Flight attendants have to be able to swim.

11-They have to follow rules about their appearance, that they haven’t give expressive facial hair.

12- Some airlines only recruit flight attendants who are at least 18 years old, while some airlines preferring to wait until applicants have their 21st birthday.

13-Airlines rules are strict about the piercings their flight attendants have, they are allowed only to wear one pair of earrings in their ears.

14-It’s not allowed to accept tips.

15-Some airlines prefer their Female flight attendants have to be un married. Gulf Air, based in the Middle East, never allow their female flight attendants to be married when they start working and that they must ask the company’s permission before they do marry.

16-Makeup should be light, that Virgin Airlines recently became the first airline to drop the mandatory makeup up rule for their female flight attendants.



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