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We are on Discord!

To all our amazing audience,

We are pleased to announce that Aviation for Aviators has just landed in Discord!!😉

Discord is a free to join communicative app and website in which communities can have conversations on relative topics. You simply have to create a free account and then click on a server link to chat with the users of that server. A server is like a group chat which you would find on WhatsApp but with different channels which are chats based on different topics. For instance On Aviation for Aviators Discord server, some of the topics on the channels include: The “your content” channel where every member is given a chance to share their own creations or social media posts; Automatic updates on all of the latest of AFA’s social media posts and articles; A “general chat” area for talking to each other and a “suggestions” page for upcoming articles that you want to see published. Unlike most communication apps, discord has a voice channel feature which anyone can join at any time. Our server has rules put in place to make it a safe place and to make sure that everyone appreciates the server. We also have specific roles like moderates who enforce rules and admins who make sure everything is up to date. We want to Use discord as a community space and a place where we can get feedback and chat with our audience.

So, make sure you follow us there and stay tuned for more good news!

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