Fri. Mar 3rd, 2023

Traveling with pets can be stressful! Especially when you have to say goodbye to your four-legged friend to be loaded into the aircraft’s cargo hold. Airlines have varying policies on bringing your pets along for the ride (and if you have an unusual emotional support animal, rules have tightened significantly over the past few years).


However, if you travel with American Airlines, you will now have the option to remove at least one tyring part of the journey – waiting for your pet at the end of a long flight.

How to transport your pet

Getting your pets ready to fly takes a little legwork. They can be summed up to:

  • Confirm your pet’s eligibility for travel
  • Confirm you have the right kennel for your pet
  • Make your reservation

Now that you are all set, lets get you through how it actually works.


Safe and comfortable

Through a new partnership with pet ground transportation company My Pet Cab, American is now offering customers the opportunity to have their pets delivered post-flight straight to their own homes. This means that passengers can now welcome their cats or dogs at home rather than wait for them at the cargo terminal.


September 1st onwards

The new pet-friendly service will be available starting September 1st. Bookings of the additional transportation can be made through an American Airlines Cargo pet booking agent. Agents will then provide an exact price quote for the services using the delivery address.

So, would you use a pet delivery service from the airport to your front door if it was available? Or do you want to meet your pet straight off the flight? Let us know.




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