Measures of Best Airlines in 2021

An airline is a company that provides air transport services for passengers. The first airline company was a German one called DELAG which is founded in 1909. eDreams is one of the world’s leading online travel brands, it’s based in Barcelona, Spain. A true disruptor in the online travel booking sector since its foundation in 1999, putting cutting-edge technology solutions to work on behalf of travelers across 40 countries worldwide. eDreams Rankins airlines every year according to unique service and basic standards, reliability, refunds, safety, tickets flexibility, and covid-19 measures.

The best 10 airlines in 2021:

1-Qatar Airways

2-Delta air Lines



5-British Airways

6-Turkish Airlines

7-Etihad Airways

8-Singapore Airlines


10-United Airlines


Qatar Airways came in the second score last year, but with good efforts during 2021 it jumped to the top. According to refunds Qatar Airways, British Airways, and Delta Airlines are at the top. Both Qatar Airways and British Airways achieved high rates in approval refunds during the year. Delta Air Lines get top rank in refunds with the proportion of 98% during two weeks.



About reliability Qatar Airways, KLM, and Turkish Airlines at advanced rank. Due to coronavirus and to reduce the virus spread canceling flights was avoidable. To definite airlines’ reliability during this time the canceled flight’s numbers are observed, during the period from July to December 2020.  All of them during the lockdown canceled less than 35% of their schedules of flights.

Tickets flexibility :

Tickets’ flexibility quality is determined in airlines throughout the available options to the passengers, in case they want to change their flight, even if the flight hasn’t been canceled. Qatar Airways, KLM, and Turkish Airlines in the top of airlines in tickets flexibility. The three airlines get high rates in this section, that the passengers can rebook their tickets many times, and to different destinations, with no charge.


Covid-19 safety measures:

This year particularly the passengers need more safety and protection due to covid-19. Many airlines added new safety procedures, the most accurate airline in keeping covid-19 safety measures is Delta Air Lines, it’s in the first order. Delta Airlines reduced the capacity on airplanes, aircraft with three seats have been modified by blocking the middle seat to keep the distance between passengers, unless a family case.  Come In the second-order four airlines Nippon Airways, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Etihad Airways, all of them get 8 out of 8 in safety procedures.


All 5 airlines keep hygiene kits for the passengers and stewards as face masks, the safest airlines also provide their staff with additional personal protective equipment such as gloves, visors, aprons, and in some cases, full bodysuits. Airlines have replaced their usual onboard service with a limited service, lessening interaction between passengers and stewards. . The aircraft themselves have been fitted with high-performance HEPA filters which capture 99.9% of bacteria and virus particles, and the air in the cabin passes through these filters every few minutes. On top of this, aircraft are thoroughly disinfected daily. All of these factors make for a cleaner, safer travel experience for every passenger.



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