The top 5 most underrated low-cost airlines

When we think low cost, we think horror, delays and being cramped next to noisy passengers, where you pay for anything and everything. There’s no denying that these airlines do just that, they just do it in a more comforting way! Please note that all these airlines are from my opinion so if you want to debate my decisions, feel free to do so in the comments. (Also a hint: you’re safe, Ryanair isn’t in this article.) I’ll be starting from worst to best so enjoy!

5. SkyUp Airlines

Unless you’re an Ukrainian, I bet you haven’t heard of this one. In fact, I hadn’t until I flew on them several times on my visit to Ukraine. This airline connects Ukraine to most of Europe and even some destinations as far flung as Zanzibar in Tanzania and Almaty in Kazakhstan. They are what most consider a simple airline, but in low cost’s case, simple = good. As someone who travels only once or twice a year, I just want to get to my destination with as little complications as possible, and SkyUp did just that.

SkyUp Airlines. Airline code, web site, phone, reviews and opinions.
SkyUp connects Ukraine with a wide range of destinations (Credit:

4. Pegasus Airlines

This airline may seem average to many , but it has spacious interiors and a wide range of interesting destinations including The Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek. It operates out of its main hub in Istanbul, Turkey and has large leather seats even when flying in economy. I last flew with Pegasus airlines in 2017 when I took a trip to Kyrgyzstan when they were less well known. They fly a mix of the older Boeing 737-800s and A320neos.

Turkey's Pegasus Airlines receives world's first CFM powered Airbus A320neo  - Commercial Aircraft - Airbus

3. Jet2 Airlines

When we think of Jet2, all we think of is their infamous adverts. If you haven’t seen these, they contain people beckoning you up jet stairs, and that one song by musician Jess Glynne that NEVER gets out of your head. And yes, I do admit that song did play for a lot of my flight, but the seats and the cool coloured interior made up for it. Plus, my flight from Birmingham (I was travelling from London but it only takes 1 hour and thirty minutes on the train) in the UK to Kos in Greece only cost £30 (Roughly $40) including 10kg (22 pounds) of carry on hand luggage. (Hint: a top tip for travelling low cost would be to take only hand luggage and never put anything in the hold) is certified as a 3-Star Low-Cost Airline | Skytrax
Jet 2 flies from the UK to a wide range of popular holiday destinations. (Credit:

2. EasyJet

Yes, everyone’s heard of this orange painted airline, but they view it as the Ryanair level of low cost. It is really in the top tier of low cost airlines in my opinion. Yes they can be a bit pricey at times, but have you tried their Croque Monsieur? This cheesy treat can be found on easyjet planes, and if you’re an Airbus fan you’ll be pleased because they only fly a fleet of the A320 series.

EasyJet orders 17 additional Airbus A320neo | International Flight Network
Easyjet flies the new and comfortable A320 neo series (Credit:

1. Sky Express Airlines

The main airlines that represent Greece are old time favourites, Olympic and Aegean, but the hidden gem of Sky Express really makes travelling within the country easier. They connect a whole load of Greek islands and cities including Thessaloniki, Kos, Crete and of course, Athens. They fly only two types of Aircraft: for smaller domestic flights it’s the ATR-72 and ATR-42, and for international flights, they fly the A320neo. I liked this airline, because they were understanding of their passengers, like doing a good job of looking after passengers with disabilities and helping passengers when their flight was delayed.

Greece's Sky Express shows off first A320neo | News | Flight Global
Sky express uses it’s A320neos on international flights. (Credit:

All in all we can conclude that all low cost carriers have a base level of comfort (shockingly including Ryanair) but it’s these airlines who go the extra mile to make sure that you, the customer, have a pleasant trip.

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