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Traveling with kids can be terrifying, but if you follow the main rules and avoid mistakes you may get a happy flight with your little angels.

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Secrets of traveling with kids

  1. Make sure you have extra clothes on the plane in case your kid’s diaper infuses or is vomiting.
  2. Try to schedule their potty, by being careful about drinking and the impact of these liquids in their bathroom times.
  3. Take extra bags in case you need them with your little kids.
  4. Take formulate milk, water bottles, snacks, and wipes with you and make sure you have enough of these items.
  5. Make sure you have enough extra diapers.
  6. Take separate chairs for your kids: you may want to save money by designating your child as a lap child to seat him in an empty seat during the flight, but this is illegal.
  7. Make sure their car seats are airline approved, If you’re bringing car seats for your kids, make sure they are airline approved. Not all seats will work in airplanes and then you’re stuck with something you can’t use at the gate.
  8. Make sure to take a soft blanket for your baby, this will help them feel like being at home, also take some clothes in case they feel cold on the plane because of the change of cabin temperature.
  9. It’s better to travel in the morning, for young children it helps as they’re often less cranky and better behaved in the morning.
  10. Be careful about entertainment, download movies to make them watch them in case they begin to feel bored. Get your tablet with games for them.
  11. You can take his or her favorite toy if it is suitable to take on the plane.
  12. Get candy and gums in case the change of pressure forces them cry and feel pain.
  13. Check your seats before boarding and make sure you’re sitting together before you get on the plane. Computers assign seats and they don’t know that your child is only two years old.
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Red-Eye flight

A red-eye flight is a flight organized to depart at the night and arrive in the morning on the next day. This name is derived from the symptoms of red-eye which is caused by feeling tired. Many people prefer this kind of flight to accord crowd in roads and everywhere, so they have the whole day before travel and after arriving their destination. In case you want to travel with your toddlers, you may have to avoid a red-eye flight. If you have a hyperactive child, this will not be a good idea because people who choose this kind of flight want to relax during their flight.


If you have to travel on a red-eye flight with accompanying your kids, you need to take care of some things. You have to make sure your kids are feeling comfortable and get the time for relaxing and sleeping during the flight.


Never throw diapers in the plane toilet. Don’t let your kids wander all the time of the flight as it is dangerous.

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Best airlines for traveling with kids

Emirates: when you travel with your little angels with Emirates, you can check-in your baggage a day before, kid-friendly meals range from chicken tenders to pasta, served on eye-catching trays. For a mid-flight snack, kids can also enjoy cookies and fruit snacks. Kid-sized headphones also allow little ones to enjoy Disney and other in-flight entertainment in comfort. Make sure to also sign up for the Emirates’ Sky Surfer Program, where kids can gain points and eventually redeem them for flights or items such as iPods and waterpark tickets.


Turkish Airlines: Turkish Airlines gives a 10% discount for the little travelers in some cases. You can take your baby on your lap, but you can also ask for an infant carrier a day before.

Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, Swiss International Airlines, and Iceland Air are recommended too.

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