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Do pilots have fears like passengers?

What are the orders pilots may worry about?

Many people could feel nervous while flying, but not only passengers do so, also pilots may have fears which differ in causes. Most pilots have fears about uncontrollable accidents as birds strikes, engine failures, catastrophic mechanical malfunction, weather turbulence flight control failure as loss of rudder, aileron control, or elevator, the structural break caused by in-flight reverser deployment, metal fatigue or corrosion, and other worse-case terrors that could render a plane unflyable.

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Bird strikes

It’s known that flying birds inside the plane engine may cause a serious emergency. A pilot explained to Express.co.uk what would happen if a winged bird hit an aircraft engine. He revealed that modern planes are designed to withstand bird strikes. In case of engine failure, engines automatically shut down, this is something pilots are trained for and practice every six months. In this case losing an engine isn’t something to worry about.

The mid-flight failed engine does not pose too much of an issue, planes are designed to fly long periods using one engine. Modern planes are designed to be able to glide for long distances without using engines. If the engine fails, the plane has to be able to stand at the spot. According to the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) “engines are the component most frequently damaged by bird strikes; engines accounted for 32 percent of all damaged aircraft components from 1990 to 2012“. According to the FAA, the largest loss of lives due to birds’ strikes was on 4 October 1960.

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Air turbulence

The weather is uncontrollable and unpredictable while flying. A pilot said that his colleague fell out of his seat and broke his arm during flight air turbulence which lasted five seconds, but one of the crew members wasn’t strapped in. So, crew members and passengers should follow instructions. Also, he said that he has a phone and credit card in his pocket in case he has to get off quickly.


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Do pilots have fears like passengers?

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Do pilots have fears like passengers?

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