Recap of Dubai Airshow 2021 Day 2

Going through the second day at Dubai Air show; three conferences were held there: Global Air Traffic Management, Aviation Sustainability & Cyber Security.
As we can all see discussing ways to establish a better, greener aerospace industry as aviation sustainability becomes a more serious issue in today’s world.

Day 2 news

Air Lease Corporation (ALC) & Airbus announce a significant order for 111 jets

Credit : airbus press

Air Lease Corporation (ALC) has signed an agreement with Airbus for 25 (A220-300), 55 (A321neo), 20 (A321XLR), 4 (A330neo) and 7 (A350F). The deal is expected to be complete in the coming months. ALC and Airbus are creating a multi-million dollar ESG fund initiative with this deal, which will help fund investments in sustainable aviation development projects.
The A220 is the only aircraft designed specifically for the 100-150 seat market, with exceptional fuel efficiency and wide body passenger comfort in a single-aisle aircraft.
The A321 Family, which includes the XLR version with a range of up to 4,700nm and a 30% reduction in fuel consumption, and the A330neo are perfect for the so-called middle market area.

Credit : airbus press

The A350F is built on the world’s most advanced long-range leader and is optimized for cargo operations, burning at least 20% less fuel than competitors and being the only new generation freighter aircraft suitable for the ICAO CO2 emissions regulations in 2027. It’s also a strong candidate to be the first aircraft in service to use a single pilot.
This deal will make ALC (in Los Angeles) one of Airbus’ largest customers. Since their establishment in 2010, they have received 496 orders for Airbus aircraft.

Emirates has placed an order for two Boeing777 freighters

Credit: Boeing Middle East

Emirates has placed an order for two Boeing777 freighters worth $704 million. Emirates SkyCargo, which presently operates an all-Boeing fleet of 10 777 Freighters and also transports cargo on Emirates’ 134 777 passenger flights, will operate them.
Also ,between 2023 and 2024, four of the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER passenger planes will be converted to freighters.
The converted freighters will have up to ten more deck positions than the Boeing 777-F production freighter, allowing for the transportation of more low-density cargo, such as e-commerce items. They will increase Emirates SkyCargo’s main deck cargo capacity on its global flights, with a special focus on trade routes with large volumetric cargo loads.

DHL has placed a definitive order for nine more Boeing Converted Freighters 767-300. (BCF)

Credit: Boeing Middle East

DHL Express (DHL) and Boeing announced today that DHL has placed a definitive order for nine more Boeing Converted Freighters 767-300. (BCF). The new freighters will help DHL grow its long-haul intercontinental fleet in response to increased worldwide demand for cargo capacity, representing their largest single 767-300BCF order to date.

Embraer Announces a Contract with Overland Airways for Up to Six E175.

Credit : Embrear

Overland Airways of Nigeria has placed a confirmed order from Embraer, three new E175, as well as three purchase rights for the same kind of aircraft. The 88-seat aircraft will be delivered starting in 2023, with a premium class cabin configuration. The purchase is valued at USD 299.4 million. These planes will increase domestic flights and allow more regional routes to be added.
Many regional airlines used the E175 during the epidemic because it is well-suited to rebuilding networks, increasing frequencies, and effectively expanding capacity to meet demand that has been rapidly recovering.

GE Aviation validates durability of GE9X with dust-ingestion tests.

Credit: Aviation International News

The FAA-certified GE9X engine, which was created especially for the Boeing 777X, has reached yet another milestone, with a new set of tests confirming the engine’s increased durability. Engineers at GE Aviation introduced a stream of dust particles into a GE9X test engine to see how it performed throughout the flight envelope, from takeoff through cruising speed and landing. The GE9X engine will perform in some of the hardest conditions found across the world after 1,600 cycles of test execution and post-bore scope examination. Its purpose is to keep sand and particles from entering the engine.

Credit : GE Aviation

The GE9X includes the most cutting-edge GE technology, including a next-generation 27:1 pressure-ratio high-pressure compressor; a third-generation low-emissions TAPS III combustor; more than 300 3D-printed parts, including dust separation technology via a 3D-printed particle separator; and lightweight and durable ceramic matrix composite (CMC) material in the combustor and turbine. It provides the wide body market with an unmatched combination of power and fuel efficiency. The GE9X is currently the most powerful aircraft engine ever built, as well as the quietest GE engine ever made (pounds of thrust per decibel). Customers can expect a 20% reduction in fuel use on the Boeing 777X thanks to the aircraft/engine combination. The GE9X engine has the lowest NOx emissions in its class, with emissions that are 55 percent lower than current NOx regulations.

SAUDIA Enhances Fleet with a group of Boeing Services

Credit: Boeing Middle East

SAUDIA has chosen Boeing for a set of services to increase the operating efficiency of their 787 Dreamliner and 777 fleets using digital analytics, as well as to change the 777 cabin furnishings.
SAUDIA will use Boeing’s Optimized Maintenance Program (OMP), which uses advanced data analytics to provide detailed insights for improved maintenance operations, and Boeing’s Airplane Health Management (AHM) digital solution, which uses predictive maintenance analytics and diagnostic tools to help improve the quality and speed of maintenance decisions

EDGE to extend machining contract with Boeing

The EDGE Group of the United Arab Emirates has added two more remotely piloted air systems to its increasing line of autonomous platforms.Full-size models QX-5 and QX-6 vertical-take-off-and-landing (VTOL) systems have been displayed by DGE’s Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investments (ADASI) firm. The two new items are part of the company’s QX series of loitering munitions, which also includes electric-powered loitering bombs.

A QX 5 drone
Credit : The National news .com

The QX-5 is a fixed-wing twin-boom platform with a maximum take-off weight of 110 kg (242 lb). The QX-5, which is powered by four conventional piston engines, relies on its fixed-wing for cruise flight, with a stated endurance of up to 16 hours at 15,000 feet.
The 500-kg QX-6, a cargo-hauling multi-copter with four piston engines. It will be capable of lifting a weight of up to 150 kg and will have a four-hour endurance. The QX-6 appears to be aimed at commercial and military applications, with the intention of utilizing it to support offshore oil and gas platforms.

Aside from the news…

Credit : Chris Whiteoak/ The National news

Charlie Duke, an astronaut from Apollo 16, attended the show to promote the Al Worden endeavor scholarship. This scholarship intends to send a group of students and educators from the UAE on an all-expenses-paid week-long astronaut training adventure at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

And that was a brief recap of what occurred on the show’s second day. See you tomorrow 🙂

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