“One olive off and thinner lime slices” – Subtle techniques airlines implement to save more money

Aviation is an expensive industry, many airlines struggle to come up with more efficient ways to cut their costs without annoying travelers or lowering their quality. The aviation industry always pays the most attention possible to details. You won’t believe the ideas airlines come up with to cut their costs, as many of these techniques may sound ridiculous when heard for the first time but the final results are always shocking.

In this article we will point out the most subtle ways airlines implement to cut their costs.

1. The smartest idea to reduce fuel

Money in aviation means fuel, so when an airline thinks of ways to cut their costs it means they are looking for ways to reduce the used fuel which makes every little light thing that weighs on the plane matters, even an olive.

This is what happened in the 1980s when the American Airlines saved US$40,000 a year by removing one olive from each salad plate in first class.

Credits: travelandleisure.com

But airlines didn’t settle for only the olive thing and more ideas started to get into consideration and Qantas airlines for instance are using new glassware, plates and trolley carts that reduce 11% in weight and with these new implementations being done, Qantas saved about 535,000 kg, that equals 1.2 million pounds per year on fuel.

2. Using lighter items

So what else could be lighter?

Think of anything on a plane the airline is probably using. A lighter version of seats, magazines, paper cups and utensils, some items got totally ditched like straws for instance as an airline could drop as much as 70,000 pounds for not using straws on board anymore.

Credits: dailymail.co.uk

3. Using less amounts

With some items getting ditched on a plane, some other items are getting used a little. For instance as many airlines put less water in the bathrooms and always ask passengers to use the airport bathroom first before getting on the plane. Some airlines were able to save about $500,000 per year for lessening the water amount.

Cutting thinner slices of lime from 16 slices to 10 slices reduced the amount of used lime to almost half and definitely made a remarkable difference the way olives did.

Some other airlines thought of not serving hot meals, so they don’t have to carry the microwave to heat the meal in the first place.

When it comes to details, nothing can be compared to the aviation industry, the amount and precise details of it paid attention to is quite surprising. Some passengers may get annoyed with such a way of thinking but we can’t forget that less carriage equal less fuel which means less carbon emissions and more sustainable flying, that eventually is everyone’s main interest.


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