Are robots about to take over aviation anytime soon?

Technology is taking over many industries in our life these days and the aviation industry is known for its marvelous inventions and its ability to develop constantly which might get people to think that aviation is ready for robots to take over, but could that really happen? Should kids quit dreaming of becoming pilots when they grow old?

In this article we will discuss the possibility of a pilot-less aircraft in the future.


AI replacing pilots might seem feasible but is it really an actual thing to consider? 

Well first let’s clarify what we exactly mean when we think of “artificial intelligence” taking over the industry.

For AI to take over aviation doesn’t actually mean that pilots will be 100% out of the picture, they will have to work remotely for an automated aircraft because automation will not be trusted with extreme emergency circumstances, as automated engines on planes will never be able to negotiate with terrorists for instance. But that is not the whole thing, what if a circuit breaker pops? Can robots re-power themselves? In such a situation, who will be in charge to restart the system? The risks we are talking about are not that simple, as hard decisions are not easy to be taken and announced on board as well.

What airlines are trying to take into consideration right now is lessening the number of crew members. Having only one pilot in demand with a reliable automation system is an option, but even that requires a whole new modification to machines and adjustments to the system to meet aviation safety expectations.

That means human pilots will eventually have to get involved, other than that robots will have to be 100% skilled and perform exactly like humans. That is a future we can’t foresee for the next coming decades.


Besides, who really needs such automated systems?


Well, why would they? It’s not gonna be easy to adapt the automation system at first due to the money it will cost them to replace the current aircraft with new ones. But it has many advantages and would reduce costs in long-term.


Well, we even find it hard to accept the self-driving car, now think of an airplane… People will probably find it really disturbing to adapt to such a thing and the public perception will not take that easy and that makes us wonder what is the point anyway? The conclusion from the whole pilotless aircraft thing is that as long as there are people in the skies, only people are welcomed to take care of them. The aviation industry always has required the highest level possible of safety, and can’t get any close towards threatening this precise level of safety it has gained through years. However, it is a matter of time people switch from human-powered aircraft to automated ones since this seems to be the future.

And to answer the question if it’s still possible for kids to dream of becoming a pilot? 

Yes, a definite yes, because there is no substitute for a skilled pilot… yet.


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