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Glances about the future of aviation

The aerospace industry became one of the important initiative sectors in the world and witnessed incredible growth especially after commercial flying became familiar from the second half of the 20th century. According to all of these events and initiatives like CORSIA (The Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation), the International Civil Aviation Organization’s initiative to stop the growth in aviation’s net CO2 emissions from 2020 onwards.


The aviation industry faced its worst times during the last year. And statistics revealed the devastating effects of Covid-19 on the aviation industry. After 21 years of global passenger traffic growth was wiped out in a matter of months as air traffic in 2020 was reduced to levels last seen in 1999. 

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The elasticity of aviation’s industry

The most notable about aviation is its elasticity, airlines always work on providing all the helping factors of adopting with all passengers’ needs. Also, the investment in biometrics as face recognition and enable contactless flights for instance, but there is more like padded seat wings, touchless door solutions, and backrest recline pedals are in the travel portfolio of the aircraft seat supplier Safran. Japanese aircraft supplier company Jamco’s “Project Blue Sky” initiative features aircraft cabin dividers, hands-free toilet seats, and waste disposal solutions.


In addition to new passenger innovations, it appears from Airbus that the airline industry cannot make progress without flights. Despite 34% less in 2019, Airbus made 566 completed commercial flights and received hundreds of new aircraft orders. Also, more than 1299 orders during Dubai Airshow 2021. In September, Airbus revealed that the world’s first aircraft with zero emissions can start operation in 2035. Munich-based vertical take-off and landing jet aircraft developer Lilium is expanding by opening its first base in the US which will be operated with full power by 2025. Aircraft’s manufacturing company Embraer announced that it has a new concept about the air taxi market and the partnership with Australia’s civil air navigation service provider.

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel

European commission revealed with releasing its Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy to set fundamental changes to stimulate demand for SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel). European Union has a great role in creating a market for SAF which was created through policy action. Then it became the time for rebuilding because it’s a good chance to provide in modernizing European market through creating high-quality job opportunities, new services, and products.

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Change is attainable 

Change takes effort and time, so by the time aviation industry will take a new shape of great hope. Global governments and the aviation industry are in a very strong cooperation to take advantage of technology existence like SAF to prepare the way to a fully de-carbonized aviation industry and net-zero emissions. To achieve this, private sectors, governments, and global institutions have to union to submit best conditions to the new solutions to fix what happens during pandemic stronger and faster.




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