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A new partnership between Amadeus and DPO Group

While the world is looking forward to expanding the use of modern technology in every life field, this technology became an essential part of the airline industry. Most airlines showed their ability to improve services by allowing freedom and more options in payment other than PayPal, credit card, or mobile money. African digital payments company, DPO Group (DPO), Africa’s one of the leading payment service providers (PSP), have finalized its acquisition of Network International, a globally renowned enabler of digital commerce across the Middle East and Africa.

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Travel experience development in DPO Group

  • In 2014, DPO group expanded its customers’ travel experience by allowing them to log in to the website, book flights, and online payments wherever they are, and get enough time to confirm with their PNR (Passenger Name Record). The company this year got a total of 200 transactions included 156 credit card payments, 40 PayPal, and 24 mobile money payments.
  • In 2015, the company seized over 17’000 transactions including over 9’000 card payments, over 5‘000 mobile payments and 500 PayPal payments.
  • In 2016, there was a rise in using mobile money wallets, 50% of the company’s 35’000 transactions were via mobile money wallets.
  • In 2017, credit companies made a great effort to penetrate the region, this can appear through a percentage of shifting via mobile payments to credit and debit card payments.
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How will this partnership be useful?

Amadeus, a global provider in travel technology has partnered with DPO Group to enable digital payment for regional and international airlines. Amadeus’ airline customers will be able to accept local payments via mobile money, and card payments. With this enabled, they will achieve global expansion in operating locally with African Airlines. DPO group will connect different regional and international airlines through Amadeus’s airline passenger system.

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The partnership between Amadeus and the DPO group is a great development that enables the DPO group to expand its customer base beyond African borders. This also will help in developing the airline industry, through creating more resilient and adaptive ways of contacting customers, especially after the global travel restrictions for 18 months. At the same time, Amadeus is working on creating a frictionless system, which made this partnership very useful as it helps Amadeus in reaching and expanding in the African market and offers customers more flexible payment options, such as mobile money.


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A new partnership between Amadeus and DPO Group

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