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More flexible travel with Etihad worldpass

Etihad Airways is the second flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates, its main office is in Abu Dhabi near the Abu Dhabi International airport. Etihad Airways started operations in November 2003, it is also the second largest airline in UAE after Emirates. Etihad Airways operates over 1000 flights per week for more than 120 destinations in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and North America with a fleet of 120 Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

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Etihad Airways has launched the service of more flexible flights with the Etihad world pass for frequent travelers who fly from the Emirates. Flyers can fly between the United Arab Emirates and their chosen destination including the GCC, UK, Ireland, India, and Pakistan with preferential rates and flexible travel options. Most Etihad customers are regular commuters between GCC markets particularly and they have good feedback on this travel mode. Etihad launched a world pass to provide more flexibility to its frequent customers’ needs, on the side of easing with booking tickets and managing flight costs, to make their next trip as just a few and simple clicks.

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The new Etihad world pass allows lower pay and more flexible travel including free rearranging and flight cancellations. Through the new world pass, travelers prepaid will be locked in during the time of the pass, travelers will earn Etihad Guest Miles on the flights, too. Travelers from UAE can choose when, where, and how they wish to travel for 12 months. Etihad world pass is available for Business and Economy.

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Etihad world pass travelers can book single or cluster destinations. They can pre-book between six flights to a single destination and add up to 20 flights to several desirable destinations in over 12 months. In case the traveler wants to rearrange a flight, Etihad will credit the Etihad World Pass vouchers back to the traveler’s account. Through world pass, flyers can fly to Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the Indian subcontinents are part of the scheme, including flights to London, Manchester, Doha, Dublin, Cairo, Delhi, Bahrain, Karachi, Muscat, Riyadh, and Jeddah.