B747 vs a380-How Much Are They Worth in 2022?

Brief history (B747)

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After the introduction of the 707 in 1958, Pan Am wanted a jet two and half times its size, to reduce its seat cost by 30% to democratize air travel. Hence in 1965, Joe Sutter left the 737 development program to design the 747-the first twin-aisle airliner. 

The 747 is a quad jet, initially powered by JT9D turbofan engines, then GE CF6 and RR RB211  engines for the original variants. With a ten-abreast economy seating, it typically accommodates 366 passengers in theee travel classes. It has a pronounced 37.5° wing sweep, allowing a Mach 0.85 (490 km; 900 km/h) cruise speed, and its heavyweight is supported by four main landing gear legs with four-wheel bogies each.

The partial double-deck was designed with a raised cockpit so it could be converted to a freighter by installing a front cargo door, as it was initially thought that it would eventually be superseded by supersonic transport.


  • B747-100
  • B747-100B
  • B747 SR
  • B747 SP
  • B747 200
  • B747 300
  • B747 400
  • B747-8

While the Boeing 747-400 proved to be a massive hit, the 747-8, didn’t do so well. Only three airlines operate passenger versions of the latest jumbo jet iteration. Now with that said, how much exactly is a Boeing 747-8 worth in 2022? Let’s find out.

What do the statistics say?

While the adverse effects of Covid continue to weigh heavily on values of most passenger aircraft, a total of 37 B747-8(passenger version) has been built out of which 36 has gone to airlines and Boeing found an unidentified buyer for the remaining ”1”- which was earlier ordered by Lufthansa.

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The current list price of a passenger 747-8 would be $418.4 million. That said, the manufacturer no longer sells the passenger variant, with the production of the freighter version wrapping up soon


According to ch-aviation data, three 747-8 aircraft share the position of most valuable jet. HL7644, HL7643, and HL7642 are all listed with a current market value of $82.27 million. This represents a fall in the value of 80% from the list price. HL7644 is the youngest of these, with an age of 3.96 years. The jet took its first flight on June 23rd, 2017, before being delivered on July 31st that year. As of February 28th, the plane has clocked up 11,829 hours over 1,344 flight cycles.

Given that just one of these 37 jets is over ten years old, the global fleet remains relatively young.

Brief history (A380)

 Manufactured by Airbus, it is the world’s largest passenger airliner. Airbus studies started in 1988 and the project was announced in 1990 to challenge the dominance of the Boeing 747 in the long haul market. The then-designated A3XX project was presented in 1994-Airbus launched the €9.5 billion ($10.7 billion) A380 program on 19 December 2000. The prototype was unveiled in Toulouse on 18 January 2005, with its first flight on 27 April 2005. Difficulties in electrical wiring caused a two-year delay and the development cost ballooned to €18 billion. It obtained its type certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency  (EASA) and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on 12 December 2006.

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The full-length double-decker, sometimes nicknamed the superjumbo, has a typical seating capacity of 525, though it is certified for up to 853 passengers. It is powered by four Engine Alliance GP7200 or Rolls-Royce Trent 900 turbofans providing a range of 8,000 mi (14,800 km).

Variants proposed but never produced

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End of production

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This Article was written by Aviation for Aviators’ ex writer: Parshant


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