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The Boeing 777 X or 777-9 has been highly awaited and its service entry date delayed, but with its time of arrival looming closer, what can we expect from the aircraft?


In the Dubai airshow 2021, the aircraft made a trip to Doha to showcase the aircraft to Qatar Airways, this could also be likely to happen with the UK’s 2 leading long haul airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic in the upcoming Farnborough airshow. This would bring even more orders of the plane to Boeing, meaning business would be thriving. The air show could be a great place for orders of the aircraft from Airlines across the world, like Qatar Airways did when they ordered 34 of the aircraft, which is set to enter into service in late 2023. The Boeing 777X will be able to seat a maximum of 426 passengers and will be the longest commercial aircraft ever built.

The Boeing 777X was delayed by 3 years (credit: ainonline.com)

Where will the 777X be able to fly?

With a range of 8,730 nautical miles, the 777X will easily be able to fly long-haul routes. Flights like London to Sydney non-stop will be made more accessible for airlines wanting to use this route, this would be able to operate at a higher capacity than that of the 787. The range of the 777X would put it into competition with Airbus aircraft like the A350-1000 and A33 neo. After a time when Boeing was receiving extremely little amounts of orders, Boeing will finally be able to climb towards the top of the market with aircraft like the 737 MAX and the 777-9.

The 777X will make longer non-stop flights possible (credit: airdatanews.com)

Which airlines are likely to order the 777X?

At the beginning of this year, Boeing announced the 777-8 freighter, meaning that there would not only be an advance in the commercial sector but also in the cargo sector of aviation as well. This aircraft will be able to carry 118 tonnes of Cargo and will have a range of 4,410 nautical miles. This will mean that it is likely that we will not only see airlines such as Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, and ANA Japan but also cargo carriers such as DHL and Atlas air. Currently, there are 8 777X customers, including Emirates airlines, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines.

Qatar Airways has heavily invested in the 777X (credit: airwaysmag.com)

The 777X will change the way that airlines fly and the places that we will be able to travel to in the future. As its date of arrival draws closer, will it be delayed even further, and which further airlines will purchase it?



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