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Thai Airways 787’s Tyre Bursts After Landing In Bengaluru

On Tuesday 26th of April 2022, a Thai Airways International 787-8 which was operating flight TG325, touched down at Kempegowda International Airport via runway 09L, at around 11PM local time. Shortly after landing, while taxiing down the runway towards its parking stand, it was spotted by ground staff that one of the aircraft’s 12 tires had burst. Airport ground staff immediately contacted the tower which then informed the pilots of their situation, the crew of the Dreamliner was not aware that their tire had burst.


The aircraft parked at docking stand 05 where the 150 passengers and crew disembarked, with nobody injured. It has not been confirmed yet by aviation-related Indian authorities or Thai Airways whether the tire deflated mid-flight or during/after landing. “TG 325 from Bangkok landed at Bengaluru and while docking into stand 05, the landing gear tire was found to be deflated,” a spokesperson from Kempegowda International Airport told local media.

A Thai Airways 787-8 (Credit: Wikipedia Commons)


The aircraft operating that flight was one of Thai’s 6 Dreamliners, a 7-year-old Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, which had been in operation with Thai Airways since October 2004, registered as HS-TCQ and operating flight TG325 from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport.

The same aircraft involved in the accident (Credit: Jetphotos)


In the wake of finishing its trip to Bengaluru late on Tuesday night, HS-TQC was planned to work the return leg of the journey as flight TG326 only a couple of hours after arrival time. Nonetheless, that flight was canceled as the airplane couldn’t fly again before a thorough examination for any possible damage. A Thai Airways group showed up at BLR on Wednesday 27th with an extra tire to complete the maintenance work. As for the frustrated passengers who were waiting to board TG326, Thai Airways organized hotel and accommodation for them, and were re-booked on a flight the following day (Thursday 28th) at 00:30 which was to be operated by an A350-900 from Thai Airways.

HS-TQC remained at BLR Airport until 8 AM on Thursday morning, it was then flown back to Bangkok.



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Thai Airways 787’s Tyre Bursts After Landing In Bengaluru

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