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Bahrain International Airshow 2022 – The Most Notable Moments

Bahrain International Airshow 2022

The sixth edition of the Bahrain International Airshow which was held from the 9th to the 11th of November has successfully ended with a number of business deals that were amicably closed, with about 100 exhibitors, and more than 50,000 international attendees. Let’s take a look at some of Bahrain International Airshow 2022’s main highlights.

Emirates and Gulf Air signed a codeshare agreement

Emirates and Gulf Air signed a codeshare agreement - Bahrain International Airshow 2022
Photo source: passageirodeprimeira

Emirates and Gulf Air officially signed a codeshare agreement on the first day of the airshow, which was unusual for two Middle Eastern airlines. Through a convenient stopover at Dubai International Airport, the new codeshare agreement will enable Gulf Air passengers to connect to a number of Emirates destinations in Africa, the Far East, Europe, and South America.

With Gulf Air set to introduce its marketing code “GF” on Emirates-operated flights outside of Dubai in December, the agreement would also provide Gulf Air customers with the helpful convenience. There are also competitive single fares on multi-airline flights when connecting with Emirates, a unified policy and seamless baggage transfers, and combined ticketing and check-in.

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Emirates’ new Premium Economy Class

Emirates' new Premium Economy Class - Bahrain International Airshow 2022
Emirates’ new Premium Economy Class
Photo source: Emirates

The codeshare agreement made the first day of the airshow promising, and the optimism persisted as Emirates made a significant splash by displaying its recently upgraded four-class Airbus A380. Emirates brought the largest commercial aircraft in the world to the Bahrain Airshow for the third time, and this year the airline was showcasing its brand-new Premium Economy Class service.

Since the Premium Economy cabin class was only gradually introduced last year, it was eagerly anticipated by travellers. It offers 56 seats in a tidy 2-4-2 configuration. The updated Onboard Lounge and Shower Spa were only available to First Class passengers on the Airbus superjumbo. The Emirates Airbus A380 alone attracted about 8,000 visitors at the Bahrain Airshow thanks to these aircraft attractions.

Bahrain Airport Company unveils Women in Aviation Bahrain Chapter

Bahrain Airport Company unveils Women in Aviation Bahrain Chapter
Photo source: www.bna.bh

And while airlines dominated the news with their offerings and business deals, Bahrain Airport Company made headlines by announcing the launch of the Bahrain Chapter of Women in Aviation. The Chapter will offer a platform for collaboration with the goal of highlighting women’s contributions to the aviation industry, celebrating professional milestones, and advancing gender equality.

The board currently consists of men and women from different aviation organisations who were temporarily appointed to aid in the Chapter’s establishment. With membership open to both men and women in the aviation industry, a new president and board members will soon be elected. As stressed by Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah, chief executive officer of Bahrain Airport Company:

Establishing the Women in Aviation Bahrain Chapter is a significant milestone for our industry. Women continue to play a crucial role in the development of aviation in the Kingdom. We look forward to working with the Chapter to further its goals, which align with the Supreme Council for Women’s 2013-22 National Plan for the Advancement of Bahraini Women.

Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah, chief executive officer of Bahrain Airport Company

Once the Chapter is finished, all members are eligible to participate in Annual General Meetings to share their knowledge and opinions and even to cast votes on all issues that are brought up. Members will also have the opportunity to enter industry awards, speak at significant events, apply for educational scholarships, and attend pertinent conferences.

Bahrain International Airshow 2022

With the participation of aviation organizations from over 30 countries, the Bahrain International Airshow 2022, which took place after a two-year suspension, undoubtedly concluded with monumental success despite only lasting three days. The Bahrain International Airshow is currently being prepared for its 2024 edition thanks to the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications of Bahrain’s renewed long-standing partnerships with the event’s organizer Farnborough International.

Here is an interesting video by Aviation World Group showing a glimpse of the first day:

Sources: Simple flying

Cover Image source: aviationworld.in

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