The Boeing 737 MAX Vs. Airbus A320neo

The Boeing 737 MAX Vs. Airbus a320neo

The Boeing 737MAX and Airbus A320neo are two of the most popular single-aisle, narrow-body jets in the aviation industry. They are often used for short- to medium-haul flights and are widely used by commercial airlines worldwide. While these two aircraft have many similarities, there are also some key differences between them that may be of interest to those in the aviation industry or to travelers. Let’s figure it out.

The Size

737 Max; Renton Factory; 1st 737 Max on line; Aerial View from Front; K66444-03
Source: GeekWire

One major difference between the 737MAX and the A320neo is their size. The 737MAX is slightly larger than the A320neo, with a longer fuselage and a larger wingspan. This means that the 737MAX can carry more passengers and cargo, although the exact capacity varies depending on the specific model of the aircraft and the configuration of the cabin.

The engines

Pratt & Whitney PW1100G
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Another difference between the two aircraft is their engines. The 737MAX is powered by CFM International LEAP engines, while the A320neo is powered by either Pratt & Whitney PW1100G or CFM International LEAP engines. Both of these engines are modern and efficient, but the LEAP engines on the A320neo have been reported to have slightly better fuel efficiency.

Boeing 737MAX engines
CFM International LEAP
Source: SP’s Aviation

In terms of performance, the 737MAX and A320neo are generally similar, with both aircraft having similar ranges and cruising speeds. However, the 737MAX has a slightly higher maximum takeoff weight, which means it can carry more weight and operate on shorter runways.

The wingtips

Boeing 737MAX and Airbus A320neo

One notable feature of the A320neo is its use of “sharklet” wingtips, which are designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce drag. These wingtips are not present on the 737MAX, although the aircraft does have other aerodynamic enhancements to improve fuel efficiency.

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Boeing 737MAX and Airbus A320neo models

Boeing 737MAX
Source: CNBC

Both the 737MAX and A320neo have undergone significant updates and improvements over the years. The 737MAX, for example, has several different models, including the 737MAX 7, 8, 9, and 10, which offer different capabilities and capacities. The A320neo has also undergone several updates and has several different models, including the A320neo, A321neo, and A319neo. The following table shows a comparison between these models:

737 MAX 71533,850 NM
737 MAX 81783,550 NM
737 MAX 91933,550 NM
737 MAX 102043,300 NM
A319neo1603,750 NM
A320neo1953,500 NM
A321neo2404,000 NM
A comparison between Airbus a320neo and Boeing 737 MAX models

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First impressions lead one to believe that there are two clear competitors: the Boeing 737 MAX 7 versus the A319neo and the Boeing 737 MAX 8/9 versus the A320neo.

Overall, the main differences between the 737MAX and A320neo are their size, engines, and minor performance and design differences. Both aircraft are reliable and efficient, and the choice between them often comes down to factors such as the specific needs of an airline, the route being flown, and other operational considerations.

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