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New Year’s Predictions: What Can We Expect from Aviation in 2023?



These last three years have possibly been the worst humans have faced in a while. We’ve had a global pandemic, climate change becoming increasingly evident, deaths of monarchs, changes of leaders, protests, movements, stock market crashes, and the list goes on and on. But how do these affect what aviation in 2023 will be?

Aviation in 2023g
(Image credit: Tom Hegen)

The COVID-19 Pandemic

I hate to start on a bore, but this topic is unavoidable in the future of aviation. In 2020 and 2021, aviation was at a standstill, with thousands of planes being stored in the desert and other airlines retiring the most significant sections of their fleet. COVID-19 bought forward the Boeing 747 and is making the end of the Airbus A380 come sooner as well. In 2022, we saw aviation returning to normal again, with airlines now being able to decide on their own if they wanted passengers to wear face masks, and numbers were rising. But the big question is, will the industry likely return to normal in 2023?

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Aviation in 2023
(credit: Business Insider)

Well, the short answer is Not quite. Eurocontrol’s analysis paper stated that it thought that aviation levels would return to 92% of their pre-pandemic by the year’s end. They said that it was likely that Aviation would return to normality by 2025. However, as much as we want it to not, the pandemic still exists. We see estimates of thousands of deaths in China every day. Could the record-breaking levels of the virus affect Aviation once again? This all depends on the government’s decisions in different countries.

For instance, in the UK, our government, in recent times, has taken an approach to letting it all happen and hopes that we all become immune to it. This is a decision, and if you ask me, rightly, criticized by others. However, other countries, such as New Zealand, have decided to block off all travel, which comes with catastrophic damage to the industry. Many countries are taking this approach towards China, which could lead to another episode where the sector is damaged.


Greener Aviation?

Suppose you, like a fair few avgeeks, follow airlines on social media. In that case, you will notice how lots of them are talking about the arrival of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (or SAF) onto the aviation scene. With more and more airlines making pledges about their aircraft’s sustainability, we will probably see a fair few more airlines start using this on their flights.

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Aviation in 2023
(Credit: Travel Radar)

As for the future of Electric aviation, one concept is taking off (excuse the joke), eVTOL aircraft. In the Year 2022, Lilium, an eVTOL manufacturer whose design is similar to the Boeing V-22 Osprey, achieved full rotation of both wings during a test flight. This is groundbreaking news for the future of electric aviation. However, this was only for a short time, so this will likely be developed during 2023.

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New aircraft

Aircraft news this year is most likely to come from China, with their leading aerospace manufacturer Comac having entered the scene in recent years. Their new aircraft, the Comac C919, is expected to begin passenger service in 2023. However, with China’s COVID-19 problems, this might only happen later. It’s meant to compete with the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, although many people are already saying it only provides a little of a different experience. In other aircraft news, Airlines should continue receiving deliveries of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, with the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft still attempting to catch up on time lost due to its grounding.

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Aviation in 2023
(Credit: CNET)

All in all, 2023 looks like a promising year in Aviation. Although some might say that’s what we thought about 2020, we have to keep our fingers crossed for now.


Sam Jakobi is a young aviation enthusiast based in London, UK. Sam writes articles and conducts interviews with members of the aviation community.


Efficiency Takes Flight: Discover the Top Five US Airports for On-Time Departures



US Airports
Image via KSL NewsRadio

Flight delays and cancellations have become all too common in recent years, but amidst the challenges, several US airports have stood out for their exceptional on-time departure records. In 2022, US airports claimed six of the top ten spots for the most punctual departures globally, demonstrating their commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Let’s explore the top five US airports that have consistently delivered stress-free and enjoyable travel experiences for passengers.

1) Salt Lake City International Airport – Leading the Way with 83.87% On-Time Departures

Salt Lake City International Airport takes the top spot with an impressive on-time departure rate of 83.87%. Despite being the 21st busiest airport in the US, it has established itself as a preferred hub for over 11 million passengers annually. This achievement can be attributed to the airport’s focus on efficient operations and effective air traffic management, ensuring flights depart promptly and minimizing delays. With 340 departing flights each day, serving 95 nonstop destinations, Salt Lake City International Airport offers travelers a reliable and smooth travel experience.

US Airports
Image via Wikipedia

2) Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport – Ensuring Reliable Departures at 82.62%

Located just 22 miles from downtown Detroit, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport boasts an on-time departure rate of 82.62%. With over 1,100 daily departing flights to destinations across four continents, it accommodates more than 18 million passengers annually. The airport’s commitment to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction has earned it a reputation as one of the best airports in the country. From top-notch terminal facilities to seamless baggage claim and diverse dining and retail options, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport delivers a hassle-free journey for travelers.

US Airports
Image via: A-1 Airport Cars

3) Philadelphia International Airport – Punctuality and Efficiency at 82.54%

Ranked third in the US and fifth worldwide for on-time departures, Philadelphia International Airport maintains an impressive on-time departure rate of 82.54% for its 320 daily flights. Serving over 12 million passengers annually, this bustling transportation hub connects travelers to more than 140 destinations worldwide. Situated just 7 miles southwest of downtown Philadelphia, the airport’s strategic location and efficient operations make it a vital gateway for both domestic and international travel. Passengers can rely on Philadelphia International Airport for a smooth and reliable journey.

US Airports

4) Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport – A Midwest Hub with 81.95% On-Time Departures

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, located 8 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis, secures the fourth spot with an on-time departure rate of 81.95%. As the 17th busiest airport in the US, it facilitates over 1,000 daily flights, serving more than 27 million passengers annually. The airport’s commitment to operational excellence, efficient ground handling, and effective air traffic management ensures reliable departures and high levels of passenger satisfaction. Travelers passing through this Midwest hub can expect an exceptional travel experience.

US Airports
Image by: John Autey via Pioneer Press

5) Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – West Coast Efficiency at 81.04%

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, also known as Sea-Tac, rounds out the top five with an on-time departure rate of 81.04%. As the largest airport in Washington State, Sea-Tac handles over 1,200 daily flights and serves 25 million passengers each year. Located 15 miles from Seattle and 22 miles from Tacoma, this West Coast hub connects travelers to 91 domestic and 27 international destinations. Sea-Tac consistently ranks among the top 10 best airports in the US, thanks to its exceptional passenger satisfaction and consistent on-time performance.

US Airports

When it comes to hassle-free air travel, these top five US airports have set the bar high with their outstanding on-time departure records. Salt Lake City International Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport have consistently demonstrated their commitment to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, choosing one of these exceptional airports ensures a smooth and reliable journey, setting the stage for a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience.

Have you ever experienced a flight delay or cancellation? Share your story in the comments below!


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Punctuality Report for June 2023:  Avianca Emerges as Global Winner, LOT Tops Europe




Cirium, a company that provides aviation data and insights, regularly publishes a report on the on-time performance (OTP) of airlines worldwide. In this report, they define “on-time” as flights that arrive at the gate within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time. They calculate the percentage of completed flights that meet this criterion as a measure of an airline’s punctuality.

Global Rankings

Avianca from Colombia secured the top spot as the most punctual airline in the world in June, boasting an impressive punctuality rate of 86.61%. Close behind were LATAM Airlines from Chile with an 86.54% rate and Qatar Airways with an 85% punctuality rate.

alaska airlines plane in the sky
Photo by Jeffry Surianto

Regional Highlights

In North America, Alaska Airlines achieved an 80.33% punctuality rate, while in the Asia-Pacific region, All Nippon Airways from Japan stood out as the most punctual airline with an 84.29% punctuality rate. In South America, Copa Airlines from Panama excelled with an impressive 89.46% punctuality rate. Finally, in the Middle East and Africa, Oman Air claimed the top spot with a remarkable punctuality rate of 93.57%.

Europe Rankings

In June, the Polish national carrier, LOT, achieved an impressive punctuality rate of 82.72% after successfully completing 8,582 flights. Meanwhile, Norwegian Air Shuttle, recorded an 82.02% punctuality rate with a total of 7,602 operations. Iberia maintained its position in third place with a punctuality rate of 80.89% and a total of 13,774 flights.

Concerns about the actual punctuality

However, one notable concern that the report highlights is the practice of airlines padding their scheduled flight times. Padding involves adding extra time to the actual flight duration in order to reduce the likelihood of delays and improve the airline’s on-time performance statistics. By doing so, airlines can present a better image of their punctuality even if the actual flight times are longer than necessary.


This practice of padding flight schedules can impact the accuracy of the on-time performance data, as it may not reflect the true efficiency of an airline’s operations. While a carrier may appear punctual based on the reported figures, passengers may still experience longer flights than necessary due to the additional time built into the schedule.

Despite this potential manipulation of data, the on-time performance report from Cirium remains a valuable tool for evaluating airlines’ punctuality, but it is essential to consider the possibility of padded schedules when interpreting the results. Passengers should be aware that the reported figures might not always reflect the actual time taken for flights and should consider other factors when choosing an airline for their travels.

Tell us about your recent flight experience in the comments! Was it delayed or punctual?

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Aviation in Numbers: CAE, Airbus, and Boeing Projections



air air travel airbus aircraft
Photo by Pixabay

CAE has published its last report: 1.3 million new employees will be needed by 2032. Boeing and Airbus have done the same. According to the main stakeholders in the aviation industry, in the coming years, many jobs will be created due to the growth and expansion of airline carriers and airports. Pilots (Captains and first officers) will be needed, as well as flight attendants, mechanics and airport workers. But not only, because also many administrative and IT jobs will be needed from airlines to face the rapid growth.

CAE prevision for the 2032

Photo by CAE

“As commercial aviation approaches complete recovery and business aviation surpasses pre-pandemic levels, CAE’s Aviation Talent Forecast indicates that the demand for skilled personnel will continue to rise. To meet this growing demand over the next decade and beyond, the industry will need to collaborate and innovate to establish a consistent flow of highly trained professionals”, According to CAE, a global provider of training and simulation technologies for civil and military aviation, the industry has not only achieved recovery but is also experiencing a scarcity of personnel, which is crucial for maintaining essential operations in the near future. Precisely CAE forecasts the needs as following: in Commercial aviation a total need of 1.18 million new employees: 252,000 Pilots  328,000 Maintenance technicians, 599,000 Cabin crew, while in Business aviation 32,000 Pilots and 74,000 Maintenance technicians.

Airbus’ plans for the next 20 years

Regarding plane orders, the worldwide fleet of Airbus is projected to grow significantly, reaching 46,560 aircraft by 2042. Airbus’s estimates are based on a medium scenario with an expected traffic growth rate of 3.6%. However, this growth could face challenges due to factors like environmental regulations and energy supplies, which may act as headwinds. On the other hand, further liberalization and a “more stable world order” could provide tailwinds, supporting the projected growth.

The strongest growth is anticipated in the Asian market, with India leading the way as the world’s fastest-growing market, closely followed by China, according to Airbus’s forecast.

Boeing expansion

Based on Boeing’s forecast, the worldwide fleet of commercial jets is projected to reach a total of 48,600 units, encompassing a variety of aircraft types, such as widebodies, narrowbodies, regional models, and freighters. This estimate highlights the significant growth and expansion expected in the aviation industry in the coming years.

“The aviation industry has shown resilience by simplifying fleets, improving efficiency, and capitalizing on resurgent demand after unprecedented disruptions”, said the Boeing Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing, Brad McMullen.


General aviation, particularly private jets, will also experience growth, with the number of private jets rising from 22,000 to 26,000.

This is your opportunity to look for a job in aviation! Are you thinking about applying a job in aviation? If yes, which one? Let us know in the comments!

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