Air India Pilot Investigated for Flight Deck Breach with Female Friend

Air India Pilot

An Air India pilot is currently under investigation for allegedly flouting flight deck procedures during a flight from Dubai to Delhi. According to reports, the captain invited a female friend into the cockpit during the flight and requested that she be served food and drinks from business class. The incident has been reported to India’s aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) by a member of the cabin crew who witnessed the breach of flight deck rules.

Violation of Flight Deck Rules

The female passenger spent over an hour sitting in the observer seat in the cockpit and was served multiple snacks and drinks from business class. The captain reportedly asked the cabin crew to make the cockpit appear “welcoming, warm, and comfortable” for his female friend. The cabin crew member who reported the incident further stated that the captain requested that the woman be upgraded to business class, but there was no availability.

The captain then allegedly became snappy and rude to the cabin crew member who refused to serve alcohol in the cockpit. The first officer also faced criticism for sleeping in the cockpit while the captain entertained his friend. Both pilots even accompanied the female passenger to immigration after the flight had landed.

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Zero Tolerance for Safety Breaches

Various issues plagued an Air India flight even before boarding commenced. Cabin crew waited for the pilots on the ground, but they were late for reporting, thus causing the crew to board without them. The pilots later boarded the aircraft with the passengers.

The first officer may also face disciplinary action as reported by the complainant. The first officer was found sleeping reclined with a pillow while the captain entertained his female friend in the cockpit. Both pilots accompanied the female passenger to immigration after the flight had landed.

DGCA regulations state that only authorized personnel who have completed necessary tests are allowed into the cockpit. An employee of the aircraft operator, who has the permission of the pilot-in-command, can only enter if their presence is necessary for safe operation. It is only after completing breathalyzer tests that individuals are allowed into the cockpit. The pilot’s request for alcoholic beverages to be served in the cockpit was a shocking breach of cockpit regulations.

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Investigation Ongoing

The DGCA has launched an investigation into the matter to determine the technical and safety aspects involved in the incident. It is still unclear if the pilot has been suspended from his duties or not. The incident highlights the importance of adhering to flight deck procedures and the consequences of violating them.

The incident involving the Air India pilot and his female friend in the cockpit is a clear violation of flight deck rules and regulations. It is fortunate that the cabin crew member reported the incident, and the DGCA is investigating it. It is important to prioritize the safety and well-being of passengers during flights and adhere to all procedures and regulations to ensure a safe journey.

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