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Airbus Highlights A330 MRTT at Paris Air Show 2023

On the occasion of the Paris Airshow 2023, airbus is showing the capabilities of the mighty A330 MRTT to the world of Military aviation. The advanced aircraft is revolutionizing aerial refueling and multi-role operations focused on defense and military. The plane is derived from the highly-performing Airbus 330 platform; this versatile aircraft combines transport capabilities with strategic reach. With cutting-edge technology and seamless refueling systems, the A330 MRTT extends the operational range of allied aircraft while excelling in diverse missions.

Credits : A330 MRTT | Military Aircraft | Airbus Defence

As a new-generation tanking, the A330 MRTT is a perfect replacement for the older aircraft under fleet replacement and will greatly boost the country’s defense. With 60 total aircraft sales as of March 2020, the A330 MRTT has been ordered by Australia (as the launch customer), France, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, and the UK.

Orders & deliveries 

Total Orders68
Total Deliveries56
Total in Operations56

credits A330 MRTT | Military Aircraft | Airbus Defence

Triple Mission Capabilities: A330 MRTT excels in Aerial Refueling, Cargo Transport, and Fighter Aircraft Deployment

Aerial refueling capabilities

A330 MRTT sets a new benchmark in aerial refueling with its unmatched fuel-carrying capacity. The ability to transport up to 111 tonnes of power surpasses all other tanker aircraft, even those equipped with extra fuel tanks in their cargo decks. During a four-hour loitering mission, the A330 MRTT can offload an impressive 50,000 kg of fuel to a diverse range of receivers, covering a distance of over 1,000 nm from its take-off point.

Transport missions

With its versatile design, the A330 MRTT offers a maximum payload capacity of 45 tonnes. This includes various configurations, such as accommodating up to 300 passengers in the spacious cabin, facilitating a MedEvac layout with 40 stretchers, 20 seats for medical staff, and room for 100 passengers. Additionally, the aircraft can transport up to 37 tonnes of cargo in the lower deck, equivalent to 27 LD3 containers or eight military pallets.

Deployment mission of fighter jets

The A330 MRTT excels in facilitating long-distance deployments of fighter aircraft. With its capability to accommodate four fighter aircraft, 50 personnel, and 12 tonnes of freight (including luggage, spare parts, and equipment), the aircraft enables a seamless direct flight over 5,200 km. This operational efficiency allows for efficient deployments from Europe to Afghanistan, ensuring swift and effective mission execution.

Credits: Bruno Levionnois(youtube)

A330 Smart MRTT

A Game-Changing Aircraft with Automatic Air-to-Air Refueling and Enhanced Maintenance Capabilities. Developed in collaboration with the Republic of Singapore Air Force, this innovative aircraft integrates world-first features such as A3R and advanced sensor systems for predictive maintenance, revolutionizing aerial refueling and operational efficiency.


In conclusion, the A330 SMART MRTT represents a significant leap forward in aerial refueling and maintenance capabilities. This innovative aircraft promises enhanced operational efficiency and reliability with its groundbreaking features, such as Automatic Air-to-Air Refueling and advanced sensor systems. As we witness the evolution of aviation technology, we invite the public to ponder: How might integrating such cutting-edge advancements shape the future of military and civilian aircraft?

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