Airbus Announces Winners of A350F Livery Design Competition


Airbus has announced the winners of its A350F livery design competition, which attracted thousands of entries from around the world. The winners, John Feehan from Dublin, Ireland, and brothers Quinnten and Ellisten Iversen from Calgary, Canada, were chosen for their similar packaging-inspired designs, which were combined to create the final winning livery design for the Airbus A350F.

The Livery Design Competition and Selection Process

The A350F is the freighter version of the popular Airbus A350 widebody aircraft, and the competition to design its livery was open to everyone from professional designers to students and hobby artists. The competition received over 4,000 entries, making the selection process challenging for Airbus’ jury, who finally picked two similar submissions and combined them to form the final winning design.

Image by: Airbus

Inspiration Behind the Winning Designs

John Feehan, one of the winners, revealed that his son’s passion for aviation inspired him to enter the competition. Feehan, who works as a graphic designer, designed a wrapping paper motif to represent global air freight shipments, with labels and symbols commonly found on packages, such as “handle with care,” “do not bend,” and weight indicators. Meanwhile, Quinnten and Ellisten Iversen’s design also featured a packaging motif, with barcodes and QR codes incorporated into the design.

The Final Winning Livery Design

Despite feeling nervous about entering the competition, the brothers overcame their fears and submitted their design, which was later combined with Feehan’s design to create the final winning livery. The combination of the two designs resulted in a unique and stunning livery for the A350F that features a beautifully packaged widebody freighter.

Image by: Airbus

The Airbus A350F: An Overview

The Airbus A350F, which will be painted in the winning livery design, is set to be launched by the end of next year. Although there is no prize money, the winners will receive a limited-edition scale aircraft model in the designed special livery and will be entitled to a private factory tour and the opportunity to see the widebody freighter take off on its first flight.

The A350F is expected to make a significant impact in the air freight industry, with its advanced technology and fuel efficiency making it an attractive option for airlines and cargo carriers. It is powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engines, which provide 97,000 pounds of thrust each. It has a maximum payload capacity of 109,000 pounds and a range of 9,400 nautical miles. The aircraft is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including the latest flight deck systems and safety features.

Image by: Airbus

A Stunning and Unique Design for the A350F

In conclusion, the Airbus A350F livery design competition has produced a winning design that is both unique and stunning. The combination of the two designs submitted by John Feehan and Quinnten and Ellisten Iversen has resulted in a beautifully packaged widebody freighter that is sure to make an impact in the air freight industry. The winners of the competition will be entitled to a private factory tour and the opportunity to see the A350F take off on its first flight, making this a once-in-a-lifetime experience for aviation enthusiasts.

Hence, from your point of view, what inspired the winning designs of the Airbus A350F livery design competition?

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