Avolon Commits to 40 More 737 MAX Airplanes to Bolster Its Fleet

The 2023 Paris Air Show marked another significant announcement for the aviation industry. Boeing and Avolon, the international aircraft leasing company, confirmed an order for 40 additional 737 MAX airplanes, further strengthening their long-standing partnership.

Growing Demand for the 737 MAX

Avolon’s commitment to acquire 40 more 737 MAX airplanes showcases their belief in the increasing demand for this model among their customers. As Andy Cronin, CEO of Avolon, expressed, “Today’s announcement reaffirms our long-standing partnership with Boeing and our support for their 737 MAX program. We are confident in the long-term demand from our customers for the 737 MAX, and this order extends our delivery pipeline out to 2030.”

Encouraging Sustainable Practices

One of the critical aspects of this deal was the 737 MAX’s potential to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Cronin further elaborated on Avolon’s vision towards sustainable practices, “The transitioning of the global fleet to more fuel-efficient new-technology aircraft is a priority for our industry, and we are looking to play a leading role by supporting airlines achieving their sustainability objectives.”

The 737 MAX, on average, saves up to 8 million pounds of CO2 annually compared to the airplanes it replaces, thereby reducing fuel use and emissions by 20%. Thus, Avolon’s choice clearly aligns with its sustainability objectives.

Confidence in the 737-8 Model

Stan Deal, president and CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, shared his insights on this deal, “This order demonstrates the popularity of the 737-8 among the leasing community and the demand they are seeing from their customers for this airplane model. Avolon has a long-standing relationship with the 737 MAX program and took delivery of the 1,000th 737 MAX last year. We look forward to building on this strong relationship with a key leasing partner as they grow their Boeing portfolio of airplanes.”

The 737-8, with its seating capacity ranging from 162 to 210 passengers depending on configuration and a range of 3,500 nautical miles, offers the market a highly versatile single-aisle airplane. It is capable of operating profitably on short and medium-haul routes.

Boeing’s Orders & Deliveries website had previously unidentified this order. However, the company has seen more than 1,000 orders and commitments for their new commercial airplanes since July 2022. Out of these, over 750 were for the 737 MAX airplanes, further signifying the value and versatility of this aircraft family.

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