Boom Supersonic Gears Up for XB-1 High-Speed Taxi Tests

Boom Supersonic has announced its imminent plans to conduct the first high-speed taxi tests of its XB-1 demonstrator, marking a pivotal moment in the quest to bring back supersonic travel. This announcement comes as part of the company’s journey toward the much-anticipated first flight, initially slated for 2023 but now expected in early 2024 due to a focus on crucial safety enhancements.

“While we didn’t get to see XB-1 take flight this year, that historic moment is now imminent. We always knew building the world’s first independently developed supersonic jet would be challenging, and I remain proud of our progress towards supersonic flight.”

Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic

The path to supersonic speed is paved with meticulous attention to safety and precision engineering. Boom’s commitment to safety led to a delay in the XB-1’s first flight as the team implemented three significant enhancements to ensure the demonstrator’s reliability and performance. These enhancements included upgrades to the landing gear system, optimization of engine intakes, and adjustments to the aircraft’s dampers. Each modification was carefully integrated to enhance the overall stability, control, and safety of the XB-1, underscoring Boom’s commitment to safety over schedule.

Photo by Boom Supersonic

With the recent completion of the XB-1’s safety enhancements, Boom is now finalizing its due diligence from the Flight Readiness Review and moving forward with the final stages of ground testing. The upcoming weeks are set to witness the first high-speed taxi tests, a crucial precursor to the first flight now projected for early 2024. This series of 10-20 flights, culminating in the supersonic journey, will commence at the historic Mojave Air & Space Port, a site synonymous with aviation milestones and breakthroughs.

Photo by Boom Supersonic

Despite the revised timelines and the intense focus on safety, 2023 was a year of significant growth and development for Boom Supersonic. The company not only progressed with its XB-1 demonstrator but also advanced the capabilities for its ambitious Overture project. Partnerships with industry leaders like Honeywell Aerospace and Latecoere have been instrumental in shaping the future of supersonic travel, ensuring that when Overture takes to the skies, it will embody the pinnacle of speed, safety, and innovation.

Boom Supersonic
Photo by Boom Supersonic

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