Southwest Airlines Announces Comprehensive Cabin Redesign and New Uniform Initiative

Southwest Airlines has unveiled plans for a comprehensive cabin redesign featuring modernized seats and an updated uniform for its employees.

Southwest Airlines

In its quest for a revamped cabin, Southwest Airlines collaborated with Tangerine, a firm specializing in transportation design. The redesign effort was informed by thorough research into customer and employee preferences regarding color, comfort, and the desired in-flight experience.

The new cabin design will be introduced with the arrival of new aircraft starting the following year. The design refresh incorporates Southwest’s signature imagery, blending deep and sky blue hues with elements reminiscent of the Southwest Heart motif throughout the cabin’s carpet. Matt Round, Tangerine’s Chief Creative Officer, emphasized the importance of feedback from Southwest’s staff and customers in shaping the redesign,

We’re delighted to be part of Southwest’s historic journey and next phase in their modernization plan. We’ve listened to Southwest’s Customers and Employees and responded by creating a distinctive new cabin interior that meets and exceeds their desires. By working closely with Southwest and all suppliers involved, we were able to ensure the design intent was executed in the cabin to the highest possible quality. The stunning result is a testament to what can be achieved through a collaborative spirit from all those involved.”

Matt Round, Tangerine’s Chief Creative Officer of Southwest

Addition of USB A and USB C charging ports

The fleet will also see enhancements including the addition of onboard USB A and USB C charging ports and expanded overhead storage compartments. These improvements will be featured in all new Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes acquired by Southwest and will be gradually added to the airline’s current fleet of MAX 8 and 737-800 aircraft over the coming years.

Enhancements to passenger seating are set to be introduced as well. After conducting customer research and product evaluations, Southwest has selected RECARO to lead this initiative. The redesigned seats will offer increased seat width due to reconfigured armrests and will provide improved support through features like a multi-adjustable headrest, offering better head and neck support.

The new seats are crafted to harmonize with the cabin’s refreshed interior and serene blue color scheme. A subtle debossed Southwest Heart motif will adorn the headrests, and the seats will showcase the airline’s distinctive sunray design. Mark Hiller, CEO of RECARO Aircraft Seating and RECARO Holding, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Southwest Airlines, stating,

“RECARO is proud to collaborate on expanding our footprint in the Americas, especially when working with a local partner like Southwest who began their story at the same time as us. Our new seat will be a great addition to the Southwest Customer Experience, as its durable design and comfort features will serve Passengers well.”

Mark Hiller, CEO of RECARO Aircraft Seating and RECARO Holding

Holder for personal electronic devices

Southwest Airlines

Additional seat enhancements feature a holder for personal electronic devices, making it easier for passengers to enjoy inflight entertainment. By the end of 2023, the airline also improved its WiFi infrastructure, boosting bandwidth and enhancing internet speeds across its entire fleet for a superior inflight connectivity experience.

A redesign of the uniforms is also underway. Southwest Airlines has formed a “Uniform Inspiration Team,” which includes 75 staff members, in collaboration with its current clothing supplier, Design Collective by Cintas, and fashion stylist Bonnie Markel, to devise the new uniform design. Upon completion, the updated attire will be distributed to approximately 53,000 Southwest employees across the country, covering Inflight and Ground Operations, Cargo, and Technical Operations sectors.


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