Global Airlines Acquires First Airbus A380

Global Airlines

Global Airlines has officially acquired its first aircraft. The A380, identified by Manufacturer’s Serial Number (MSN) 120, was registered in Malta today, bearing the registration 9H-GLOBL. Despite facing significant skepticism over its strategy to operate the Airbus A380 and its aggressive launch schedule, Global Airlines has demonstrated a concrete advancement in its operational setup with this acquisition.

The transition of ownership for MSN 120 marks a noteworthy development. Previously operated by China Southern under the registration B-6140, the Airbus A380 was relocated to the Mojave Desert towards the end of 2022, casting doubts on its future usability. The last recorded flight of this aircraft was on December 21st, 2022.

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Global Airlines A380
Global Airlines’ first A380 was previously operated by China Southern under the registration B-6140
Photo by Ban Ma Li

Post-relocation, the aircraft underwent registration changes in the United States, acquiring the N-register designation N123KK. Recent updates from the FAA indicate that this registration was canceled yesterday, facilitating the aircraft’s export to Malta. The Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate has since issued a registration document, listing Global Airlines as the current proprietor of the aircraft, with Hi Fly recorded as the registrant.

Efforts to reinstate the aircraft’s airworthiness are in progress

Global Airlines A380

Global Airlines has commenced the necessary work to restore the four-engine jet to operational condition. The replacement of essential fluids, including hydraulics and oil, is complete. Business Class Aviation is conducting comprehensive system tests on the aircraft, adhering to the rigorous standards applied to new planes, in line with Airbus’s guidelines.

To date, all evaluations, including tests at nearly full engine thrust, have been met with success, indicating the aircraft is in prime condition. According to Simple Flying, while the aircraft will retain its original China Southern seating, a full cabin makeover is planned.

Future plans for the aircraft

With Global Airlines now in possession of the aircraft, registered as 9H-GLOBL, the next steps involve its departure from the Mojave Air And Space Port in the coming weeks. Hi Fly, known for its wet lease operations, is slated to manage the initial ferry flight. The final destination of the jet remains to be determined.


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