Emirates A350 Launch Delayed Due to Airbus Supply Chain Issues

Emirates has postponed the launch of its highly anticipated Airbus A350 service due to ongoing supply chain challenges faced by Airbus.

Originally scheduled for a September 2024 debut, the first commercial flights with the A350 will now take off in early November, with Edinburgh serving as the inaugural destination. Services to Bahrain and Kuwait will follow later in November.

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The delay stems from persistent supply chain issues plaguing Airbus, impacting the timely delivery of engines, cabin equipment, and other essential aircraft components. This has forced the European planemaker to adjust its 2024 delivery targets, reducing the number of expected aircraft from 800 to 770. Additionally, a planned production rate increase for the A320neo family has been pushed back to 2027.

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“Once we begin receiving our A350s, we will expedite their entry into service as quickly as possible and will work hard to minimize the impact of the delays,” an Emirates spokesperson told Bloomberg.

Despite the setback, Emirates remains committed to its A350 program. The airline has a total of 65 A350s on order, with the first ten scheduled to join the fleet by March 2025. However, further delivery delays are a possibility.

This news comes as another blow to Emirates’ fleet renewal plans. The airline is also facing delays with the Boeing 777X, its flagship widebody aircraft, which is not expected to enter service until at least 2026.

The global aviation industry appears to be navigating a period of turbulence, with both major aircraft manufacturers grappling with supply chain disruptions. This will likely lead to further delays in aircraft deliveries and program setbacks, impacting airlines’ ability to modernize their fleets and expand their route networks.

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