All What You Want to Know About the Airbus A350F

Airbus has unveiled its latest innovation, the A350F freighter, designed to revolutionize the large freighter market. This next-generation aircraft boasts a range of impressive features, including the world’s largest main deck cargo door, unbeatable fuel efficiency, and a class-leading payload capacity.

Unmatched Efficiency and Sustainability

The A350F is built on the foundation of the successful A350-1000 passenger aircraft. Airbus highlights the freighter’s “unbeatable efficiency” with lower fuel burn and CO2 emissions compared to competitors. This translates to significant economic benefits for airlines while minimizing environmental impact.

The A350F is designed for easy integration into existing airline fleets. Airbus claims it’s the “only future-proof choice” for operators due to its superior features. With a larger volume capacity than the Boeing 777F, the A350F boasts the latest technology, solidifying its position as the most sustainable freighter on the market. It even matches the cargo volume of the legendary Boeing 747-F, while offering a significant five-tonne payload advantage over the 777F.

Airbus leveraged its expertise from the Beluga and A300-600F to design the A350F. The company is strategically planning production for a smooth launch and commercial service entry, with plans to ramp up output to meet growing demand.

Technical Specs

Overall length70.80 m
Height17.08 m
Wing span64.75 m
Fuselage width5.96 m
Pallet or container General cargo layout – Main deck30 pallets 96 x 125’’ or 30x AM-base containers
Pallet or container General cargo layout – Lower deck12 pallets 96 x 125’’ or 40x LD3 containers
Range8 700 km
Max payload111 tonnes
Max take-off weight319 tonnes
Max landing weight250 tonnes

Challenging Boeing’s Dominance

The A350F has already garnered significant interest, surpassing the sales of its predecessor, the A330-200F. With over ten customers secured as of February, Taiwanese carrier STARLUX became the latest addition, ordering five A350Fs alongside passenger A330neos. This highlights STARLUX’s commitment to the cargo market and strategically leverages Taiwan’s prime location in the Asia-Pacific region.

Airbus is confident that the A350F, with its unparalleled features and growing customer base, will effectively challenge Boeing’s dominance in the cargo market. The aircraft offers airlines a path towards a more sustainable and efficient future, while enabling them to compete effectively on the global stage.

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