UK announces quarantine free countries

While the world is still working through the covid-19 pandemic, we are starting to make our way back to some form of normality.With that people are starting to want to travel again, so today we will be looking at the UK government’s list of countries that vistors can arrive from and not have to quarantine; and what that means for airlines across the globe.

The list

This list,which applies to England which has also been branded as “Absurd” by critics, consists of 59 countries from around the world and notably excludes The United States, the Middle East and most of the continent of Africa.

What this means for airlines

With airlines struggling through the pandemic, requesting bailouts and filing for bankruptcy, this list will be serving another blow to the airlines of the excluded countries. Notably with Middle Eastern airlines such as Emirates and Etihad and US airlines such as United and Delta ramping up services through July and August this list has restricted them in their ability to carry passengers to the UK and will further harm their finances.

what do you think of this exemption list? will you be affected? Let us know in the comments

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