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There is no doubt that the covid-19 pandemic will have long lasting effects on the world for years to come. However in the middle of a pandemic that has proven to have the worst effect on the world’s economy to date, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given the go ahead for his Aircraft to be repainted at an astonishing price of (aprox) £900,000.

The new paint scheme

On the 25th of June 2020, The Voyager was rolled out of the paint shop in its new colours. The aircraft named Vespina is subject to controversy but has been defended by senior ministers and spokespeople for the PM. The new livery, a sea of red, white and blue, has repeatedly been branded as ‘An outrageous waste of money’ as like the rest of the world the UK is currently facing the worst economic crisis. A crisis unlike anything seen before. Thus, many have said that ministers should be prioritising the NHS and the economy instead of painting a plane that is most likely not to be used, as VIP transport, for the foreseeable future. The aircraft was converted for VIP use in 2016 by the UK government and it includes 58 business class style seats and 100 economy class style seats for the press. The aircraft most notably has the Union Jack on the tail, resembling British Airways’ previous “NEGUS” livery, has been defended by Foreign Secretary;Dominic Raab as ‘bang for buck, for the British Taxpayer.’In addition to this, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister has stated that ‘The new livery will better represent a new post-Brexit Britain overseas.’


Nevertheless, what makes this new paint job more ludicrous is the fact that the aircraft will still maintain its vital role as a fuel tanker for military aircraft in war zones along with transporting troops to war zones. This new livery will most definitely put the aircraft and its crew in grave danger in or around a war zones, such as Iraq, as it is more eye catching-meaning it is definitely at higher risk of being shot down than its sister ship’s which have a stealthy grey colour scheme.

Air-to-air refuelling. Voyager provides fuel for two Tornados.
“Voyager and Tornados over Iraq.”

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic will have long lasting effects on the economies of countries for years to come, making the cost of this new livery even more controversial.What do you think of the new livery and what do you thing about the decision and its timing?Let us know in the comments below.

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