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The world finds itself in the 5th month since the massive spread of the new COVID-19 virus, and the airlines sector is taking new movements to reactivate the normal operations under the new status quo known as “the new normal”. One of the airlines that is trying to survive the medical crisis is Interjet, the mexican low-cost airline founded in 2005.

The air company, currently operated by the actual CEO William Shaw, has turned on its adaptation to the actual circumstances applying a series of measures to guarantee the health and biosafety of the passengers before boarding, on board and after landing. Here are some of them.


It was previously stated by the company that on June 16 the routes between Mexico City to Cancun, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Mérida, Puerto Vallarta, and Monterrey would be reinforced and the ones to Veracruz, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Chetumal, Zihuatanejo, Villahermosa and Tuxtla Gutierrez opened again.


In addition, a flexible policy has entered into action in which the passengers with frustrated traveling plans can be considered to have a special voucher that allows them to acquire a flight to any route at any schedule available.


As well, Interjet is offering a new service consisting of free COVID-19 trials for the passengers at Mexico City’s International Airport. As it says on their Twitter account, totally voluntarily in outbound flights from the Mexican capital.

Also, the offer includes a KN95 covering mask included per passenger.


Another of the measures taken by the airline was to apply the Safe Flights policy, in which the aircrafts have to pass some protocols and procedures of sanitation before initiating any flight. Such protocols are established by both health and civil aviation authorities.

As an effective method, it includes surfaces and environment disinfection in the aircraft, the crew cockpit and passengers area, galleys, and documentation desks as well as the computers, doors, and other equipment.

Interior of an A320 of the interjet fleet.

The planes, as the airline says, are equipped with air filters that are able to purify the air of the plane and remove microscopic particles, including all kinds of microorganisms, with a 99.999% of effectiveness every three minutes.

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