The morning of July 15th, an airplane of Etihad Airways coming from the United Arab Emirates landed at Mexico City’s International Airport. The aircraft was carrying medical equipment and supplies intended to the medical authorities to attend the COVID-19 patients and mexican citizens previously stranded in the arab country.

The flight EY9973, which took off from Abu Dhabi, landed in the Licenciado Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City carrying 15, 000 lab coats, 350, 000 latex gloves, 5,ooo protective masks, 155,000,000 N95 mouth covers, 6,000 blankets and 125,000 immunoglobulin trials. Such medical supplies and equipment will be used by personnel of the medical institutes of the mexican government as previously declared by the actual Secretary of Foregin Relationships;  Marcelo Ebrad.

Also the flight arrived with 36 mexican citizens on board, which were stranded in the UAE with no previous chance to return to Mexico because of the massive flights restriction during the expansion of the COVID-19 virus. Once the aircraft was fully stop in the former presidential hangar, military forces of the National Defense Secretary (SEDENA for its acronym in spanish) went to discharge it.

The UAE Ambassador, Ahmed Hatem  Barghash Almenhali said that this delivery of humanitarian help is an indicator of the high progress that is experiencing the bilateral relationship between the two nations based on the cooperation in many fields and aspects.

Press conference of the Sub-Secretary Julián Ventura and the UAE Ambassador

The previous  deliveries of this kind of resources in the Mexican Republic were made by Aeroméxico in coalition with chinese collaborators and the Mexican Secretary of Health and Foregin Relations.

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