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EASA Completes Boeing 737 MAX Test Flights

EASA, European Union Aviation Safety Agency declared two days ago the completion of Boeing 737 MAX’s test flights in Canada. The data will be analyzed before a meeting of the Joint Operations Evaluation Board next week. The agents from the aviation authorities will evaluate the aircraft before returning it to service.

Photo by: Getty Images
EASA completes Boeing 737 Max test in Vancouver, Canada

The Boeing 737 Max have been grounded by the Federal Aviation Authorities (FAA) for nearly a year and half now, due to the two fateful accidents that had the same reason. Boeing is working hard on getting the 737 Max into service.

EASA revealed that they’ve tested the 737 Max in Vancouver, Canada, they began and ended there due to the COVID-19 restrictions that affected the aviation industry. They have attempted six test flights for total 9.5 hours. N7021S was the aircraft used for the tests, a Boeing 737 Max7, the smallest member of the MAX family.

Photo by EASA
EASA agents on board for the 737 Max test flights

There are three agencies has now finished the 737 Max test flights. The three agencies were EASA, FAA, Transport Canada. All of those parties and the other representatives will meet at London Gatwick next week, to discuss their data and recertification for the 737 Max.

EASA has been working steadily, in close cooperation with the FAA and Boeing, to return the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in to service as soon as possible, but only once that they are convinced it is safe.

-JDA Journal
The Three parties trying to get 737 Max in service, but only once they are convinced it is safe.

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